Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post

So I’ve decided to try something from now, leading up to Ragnar Great River 2013. A weekly post about something related to Ragnar. Some weeks it’ll be a tip, some weeks it’ll be an update 2013 planning and other weeks I plan to profile one member of my Ragnar team (still unnamed). Should be fun!

This week I’m kicking things off with a profile. Meet Jen. Jen is sadly not on my Ragnar team this year, but is one of our fearless volunteers! (We still need two more volunteers, btw. If you’re local and interested!) Jen was also on my Ragnar team when I ran it in 2009 and she also ran it again the following year!


Name: Jen M.

Location/hometown: St. Paul, I grew up in southern Minnesota near Albert Lea

How long have you been running? I started doing track and field stuff when I was in 5th grade and competed in some local and state competitions. I made the varsity track and field team as a 7th grader and mainly competed in the 400 meter dash and 4×400 meter relay. My senior year I tried cross country and loved it. I ran  casually throughout college, but I didn’t start doing longer races until after college.

Why did you decide to run Ragnar? It was a new challenge, I wasn’t ready to commit to training for a marathon and when I said yes to Ragnar, I had already signed up to do my first half marathon, it made sense to keep training for something a little harder, and you asked me to be on your team, you are pretty persuasive 😉 (Editor’s note: it’s true. I am pretty persuasive.)
How many Ragnar Relays have you run? 2 — I was runner #1 the first time and runner #9 the second time, they were very different experiences
If you’ve run Ragnar before, what’s your favorite Ragnar memory? I have a couple, sitting in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin in the middle of the night waiting for our runner to come in, we were freezing and so tired but we all rallied for our team and kept up what little energy we had to make it through, second is finishing a 9.5 mile leg at 3:45 am, it rained the entire 9 miles, I was really nervous to run alone in the middle of the night with nothing but a headlamp to guide me from not breaking an ankle in a pothole along the side of the road, but when I finished it was a pretty intense feeling of accomplishment of “yep, I just did that for real and I survived.”
What are you most looking forward to about Ragnar 2013? I’m really looking forward to being on the other side of things, I’m going to be volunteering this year, those people are so very important, the race would not go as smoothly, or maybe not at all without the help of so many people. I feel it’s important I do my part.
Give me one fun random fact about yourself. If I had to choose between watching TV and reading a book, and could only do either for the rest of my life, I’d pick reading books.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post

  1. erin

    Fun post! I was runner four the first year I ran Ragnar and runner one the second year. I liked the runner one slot best… so fun to start out the race! I’d pick reading over TV, too, Jen 🙂

    Wish I was gonna be around for Ragnar again this year!


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