Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: Meet Andrea!

Another profile this week! I’m excited to introduce you to Andrea, my good friend I met in grad school. I’m not sure she realizes it, but Andrea is super inspirational as a newbie runner. She’s kicking some butt already!
Diva Dash 11.10.12 (1)
Name: Andrea
Location/hometown: St. Paul
How long have you been running? About 6 months
Why did you decide to run Ragnar? I wanted to do a race that would challenge me and be fun. As a new runner, I’m wanting to try out some new races and new distances to see what I like best and how I can push myself.
How many Ragnar Relays have you run? This will be my first!
If you’ve run Ragnar before, what’s your favorite Ragnar memory? Don’t have any Ragnar memories yet, but I hope to have a bunch by the time Ragnar 2013 is over.
What are you most looking forward to about Ragnar 2013? I’m looking forward to a fun race with fun people.
Give me one fun random fact about yourself. I love panda bears 🙂

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