Happy Sunday!

After J and I got home from the gym Saturday, I jumped out of the car and ran to the door to check if my Amazon order had arrived. Spoiler alert: it had!

New Polar FT4 heart rate monitor:

photo (87)

Not a fan of the pink, but I'll live with it.

Not a fan of the pink, but I’ll live with it.

PlantFusion protein powder:

photo (88)

It’s been a really relaxing and pretty healthy weekend! Saturday morning I went back to bed after letting the dog out and then finally had the chance to try Tina’s French Toast Scramble recipe. It was delicious and kept me full until lunch!

I love that our weekends are now allowing for J and I to go to the gym together again. My knees were bothering my slightly (I think from not having my bike seat at the right height during spin on Thursday) so I walked on the treadmill and did a strength circuit. After a Carrie Tollefson sighting (she is looking SO cute and pregnant!) J and I headed home to eat lunch and get ready to go see Zero Dark Thirty.

Has anyone else seen the movie? I really liked it, although I felt a little let down and I’m not sure why — because I thought it was really good!

Today for breakfast, I tried Fit Foodie Lee’s blueberry quinoa breakfast recipe (YUM) and then we headed to the gym again. I had five miles on my training schedule and had planned to run the first couple in my new shoes and then switch to my Mizunos for the last three, but I forgot my other shoes at home. But the new shoes really felt great the entire time!

Weird angle.

Weird angle.

These are definitely keepers!

I was also really impressed with my new heart rate monitor. It’s a pretty basic model — maybe even more basic than my old F6 but it seems to have everything I need.



Post-gym I tried out my new PlantFusion protein powder. Verdict? Easy on the stomach but will go with the unflavored next time. Can’t wait to try out  the Fitmixer I ordered when it arrives later this week! I’m also planning to try Vega and Garden of Life, based on people’s recommendations.

photo (91)


Now I’m at a local cafe getting some studying done.

photo (93)

Happy Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!

    1. hyedi Post author

      My old Garmin had a heart rate monitor but my new one doesn’t! Ha! So yes, I’d have to wear two watches — maybe one on each wrist! 🙂

  1. Amy

    I’ve never really monitored my heart rate, but I think that watch looks pretty snazzy! Glad you had a relaxing and protein filled weekend!

  2. erin

    Love the new HR monitor! I need a basic one… my edge 500 just doesn’t work for the gym because it doesn’t strap on my wrist.

    I really need to get more protein powder, especially now that training is starting to pick up… let me know what your favorite is!

    How’s the studying going?!

    1. hyedi Post author

      It’s going well! I’ll keep you posted on the protein powder 🙂

      This HRM is very basic, but perfect for what I want to use it for and very inexpensive!


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