Parka Mpls + recent runs

YAY — we have a new restaurant in my neighborhood! And I didn’t even know it was coming.

While Blue Door is still not quite open yet, this awesome new place just opened this week.

I love this sign.

I love this sign.

I stopped in on my way to work Thursday morning — the day after they opened.

Cute interior.

Cute interior.

I ordered a latte and asked which bakery item they’d recommend. Even though I’ve broken my morning baked goods addiction, I had to give something a try since Parka’s baked goods aren’t just any baked goods. They’re Rustica baked goods. I went with the lemon danish (upon recommendation) and it was glorious.



AND since I have a problem with buying coffee mugs, I walked out of there with this:

Of course I had to buy a mug.

Cute, right? Dont’ tell my husband.

I’m already totally obsessed with this place. It’s cute, the people are friendly, it shares a space with this fabulous store and the food looks amazing.

Recent runs

It’s still pretty cold outside here in Minneapolis so my last couple of runs have been on the treadmill.

On Tuesday, I did some 400s just to see how my lungs were feeling. The last time I tried running any faster than 7 mph, they started protesting. This time was much better.

I warmed up @ 3.0 mph for three minutes and then @ 6.0 mph for one mile.

1 – 1@7.7 mph
2 – 1@7.7 mph
3 – 1@7.7 mph
4 – 1@7.7 mph
5 – 1@7.9mph
6 – 1@7.8mph
7 – 1@7.7 mph
8 – 1@7.7 mph

I then cooled down with a 3.0 mph walk.

Then yesterday after work I got in an easy three miles (9:23 pace) and have six miles planned for either tomorrow or Sunday. This weekend, besides getting a run in, I hope to meet up with some of the other MN Ragnar Ambassadors, get some studying in and I have a massage scheduled for Sunday. What’s everyone else up to?


4 thoughts on “Parka Mpls + recent runs

  1. erin

    Nick and I almost ate at Parka on Friday night! I’ll have to stop in on my way to work for a coffee… Dogwood + Rustica are both delicious!

    Nice runs this week! And, enjoy your massage today 🙂

    I’m off for a six miler this morning!


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