I ran outside!!!!!

Yup — I’m so excited about this that I used five exclamation points! Yesterday, I did my long run outside — my first outside run in 27 days!

Frozen river.

Frozen river.

I had every intention of running six easy miles. I bundled up in running tights and a pair of pants over those, my Lululemon Run Swiftly LS, a long sleeved tech over that and a Lululemon zip-up. I also tried one of those balaclava thingys and my Brooks gloves. Something about this run was off the entire time. As I posted on Dailymile, I never really felt like I found my groove. Not sure if it was the new-ish shoes, wearing too many clothes or just running outside again after so long. Or maybe it was a combination of all of those things. Oh, and I’m never wearing a Balaclava again. I think I’ve just get a neck warmer and pair that with a hat/headband.


Mile 1 – 9:03
Mile 2 – 9:09 (after the first mile, I decided that I had gone out too fast and decided to slow down)
Mile 3 – 8:55 (I decided that I didn’t care that I had gone out too fast)
Mile 4 – 8:59
Mile 5 – 8:32 (whoa)
Mile 6 (0.7 mi) – 6:08

I’ve decided (officially) that I won’t be running a marathon this year, but I want to sign up for another half – but which one? I have my eye on the Madison half and signing up for the 19.3 challenge while I’m at it.

On a totally unrelated note — my ten year is coming up and it’s being planned via Facebook and of course people are very opinionated about where and when this takes place. I’ve thought about weighing in a few times, but I realized I don’t really have an opinion. Has anyone had a fun high school reunion? What’d you do?


9 thoughts on “I ran outside!!!!!

  1. Erin Runs

    Yay for running outside!! Re: not getting in the groove. I feel like 10% of my runs are “off” like how you described. And, the timing of the off runs seems random (not necessarily after speed work or a certain type of run). Just keep on running and hope the next one clicks, right?

  2. Nerri

    Negative splits are always awesome in my opinion – especially outside in that weather.

    This year is my 10-yr reunion as well and there is quite a heated Facebook debate going in about it. Haven’t weighed in at all, because I’m sure it’ll be fun wherever it is!

  3. erin

    Despite not finding your groove, it looks like you had a great run! Nice splits! The first run back outside is always a challenge… way to push through!

    Also, I’m with you no the balaclava… I wore my merino buff while running at 0˚ and never again!

    The Madison half looks awesome! I currently have the Fargo half on my calendar, but may just be swayed… 🙂

    Happy Monday, friend!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thank you! You should definitely look into the Madison half — that challenge with the Twilight 10K looks like a lot of fun too 🙂

  4. Kate

    Whoa! Wish my “off” runs were so speedy! I always try to convince myself that they’re over quicker that way, but… 🙂

  5. Amy

    Yay for running outside! My 10 year reunion is coming up too. I don’t think too much has been planned aside from the group starting on facebook, but I kinda don’t know if I want to go.


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