One week until vacation (but who’s counting?) + Tackle the Miles preview

It’s probably part of my online shopping addiction, but one of the best things EVER (in my opinion) is getting a “your order has shipped” confirmation email! Yesterday, I got the email telling me that my Brooks PureFlows have shipped! I really hope they work out.

The PureFlows are totally different than any other shoe I’ve ever run in, but all of the research I’ve done points to them most likely working well for me. I plan to just do some super short treadmill runs to ease into them, and that way I can return them if they don’t work out.

I officially registered our team for Ragnar! It ended up being a little stressful since not everyone on the team got me their registration fee in time (yesterday was the deadline for early bird pricing) and I had to move some money around — but it all ended up working out.

This weekend/next week are going to be super busy. We’re hosting a Super Bowl party this year so I’m going to be cleaning and getting ready for that. I’m thinking of making this for the party.

Also, the cruise is only EIGHT days away — and we fly to Tampa in one week!!!! My in-laws are driving down to Tampa and are nice enough to drive some of our luggage down so we don’t have to pay to check it on our flight. So I packed last night so they can pick it up today — I can already tell I’ve overpacked.

Then I have a seven mile long run planned for this weekend (with some of the MN Ragnar ambassadors! Does anyone want to join us?) and a busy work week next week with plans every night. I don’t think this vacation could come at a better time.

Sometime in the next week I’m also going to be running another virtual race as part of the #13in2013 challenge. I’m starting to really like virtual races — this one is called Tackle the Miles.

TackleTheMiles_WEB 2

The rest of my spring racing season is looking like this so far:


Point Bock Run (5 mile)
Get Lucky ( 7K)


Goldy’s Run (10 mile)
Get in Gear


Lake Minnetonka Half
Lola’s Waconia 5k
Madison 10k and half — HELP! Do I just run the half or do the twilight 10K Saturday night and the half on Sunday morning as part of the 19.3 challenge?!?!


Garry Bjorkland half (crossing my fingers I get in the lottery)
Minneapolis Half

What’s everyone’s plans for the Super Bowl? Any good eats planned?


9 thoughts on “One week until vacation (but who’s counting?) + Tackle the Miles preview

  1. jupiler1060

    Hoping to find a pub here showing the Superbowl (sadly not such a big thing in the UK!), otherwise it will just be a quiet one at home with some 0.0% beers. Enjoy the game and the new shoes!

  2. erin

    Hope the new kicks are working out well!

    Awesome lineup of races! Definitely do the 19.3 challenge! If it wasn’t so close to my 70.3, I’d join you!


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