Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: what’s so challenging about it?

I wouldn’t tell come right out and say that Ragnar is “hard.” But, for me at least, there are things about Ragnar that do make it challenging. For me, it was the….

  • Running three times in a span of 24 hours. This time around I plan to do more doubles in my training and would really like to do a triple.
  • Not sleeping. There was a time in my younger days where this wouldn’t have affected me as much, but it sure does now.
  • Running in “extreme” temperature differences. The temperature difference from when I ran my second leg (in the middle of the night) and my third leg (high noon down a stretch of non-shaded pavement) was ridiculous. Now we’re not talking 100 degrees during the day and below zero at night or anything like that — but it still was significant. I’m going to be sure I’m better prepared for this, this time around.
  • Running in the middle of the night. This was my favorite and most memorable thing about Ragnar. However, I can’t say that it wasn’t challenging. For me, this was a mental challenge. I kept thinking about what was lurking out there in the darkness and it was hard not being able to see a few feet in front of you. I plan to run more at night in preparation, but that might take some of the fun and thrill out of it!
  • Eating convenience food. Nothing good about this one. My stomach hated me for only feeding it Clif Bars and wheat bread (seriously, that was pretty much it) for over 24 hours. I’m going to have to work really hard on this one.

If you’ve run Ragnar, what was most challenging for you? If you haven’t run Ragnar, have you experienced any of these things and did you find it challenging?


9 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: what’s so challenging about it?

  1. Erin Runs

    I think that “not sleeping” would be the hardest part for me. I need sleep! Then, the next hardest would be running in the middle of the night. I’m actually not sure if I would be able to ever run Ragnar because of these things!

  2. rebacox

    Before a few weeks ago I would say the only experiance I’ve had similar to Ragnar was running the Vegas Half marathon at night. But I did the Goofy Challenge earlier in Jan. I think the worst part for me was actually the first day because I was so nervious about not being able to finish the marathon. Once I got past that the second day was actually much easier!

  3. racingthestates

    oofff. running in the dead of the night. Complete darkness. That was so difficult for me. Let alone did I freak myself out about things lurking in the darkness as well, but the headlamp made me nauseous!

  4. erin

    You nailed it! Both times I’ve ran Ragnar, I’ve felt the exact same way. Eat crap food + not sleeping impacted my second and third legs of running a LOT. But, it’s still a fantastic experience and so much fun! 🙂


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