Indoor running + pre-vacation pampering

When you live in Minnesota, running in the winter sometimes requires being a little creative. I love running outside so generally it takes some seriously cold temps or icy conditions to keep me indoors, but I don’t really mind the treadmill, either. However, sometimes you just gotta change it up a little.

For the past few years, I’ve made it a habit to hit up the indoor Metrodome running that MDRA hosts in the winter:

It’s pretty cool — you pay a $1 admission fee and then you get to run in a big loop around the concourse. It’s approximately two and a half laps that equals one mile. It’s also fun to see all sorts of runners/walkers there — I recognize some of the local elite runners running there often. The only thing is that the surface is pretty hard on your legs — I feel it in my knees especially.

My Brooks PureFlows arrived earlier in the day soΒ I took opportunity to start breaking in my new shoes! I only ran about a mile in them, but I can tell that I love them already.

Last night I went with a friend to the (not-so-new, but new-to-me) Whole Foods that’s pretty close to my work – it was really great to catch up over a yummy salad and some guava kombucha.




Then we treated ourselves to a pedicure — it was a lovely evening!

Off to finish packing and getting to bed early — vacation starts tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Indoor running + pre-vacation pampering

  1. erin

    Whole Foods in Edina is amazing! I always try to stop after yin at CorePower πŸ™‚

    Have the most fabulous vacation, friend! Looking forward to catching up when you’re back!


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