Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: first team meeting!

Lumberjack Heroes had our first team meeting Monday night! We held the meeting at my house and Skyped in Angela (from Houston) and FaceTimed my sister and brother-in-law (from Esko, MN). We’re so technological!

Ragnar has a super detailed and helpful “Race Bible” that we walked through and went over answers to questions some of the first-timers had. We also are pretty sure we’re going with the team name I mentioned earlier — the Lumberjack Heroes! Andrea has already come up with some pretty awesome ways to incorporate the lumberjack theme 🙂

Here’s what I’ve been doing on the workout front lately:

Friday: walked on the treadmill and strength training.

Saturday: warmed up in my Brooks PureFlows by walking one mile and then ran 2.12 miles (all I could make it) in my Mizunos. (9:35 pace)

Sunday: nice and easy five mile run on the treadmill at Lifetime. This might have been my most effortless run ever. (9:58 pace)

Monday: I had “strength and stretching” on my half marathon training schedule today, so after the team meeting ended I popped in the classic Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD and did Level 1 because I was scared. I cooled down with some Athletes’ Guide to Yoga. 212 calories burned — not bad!

I can always count on Jillian to kick my butt.

I can always count on Jillian to kick my butt.

Tuesday: ran 3 miles indoors (windchills were wayyy below zero) at the Metrodome.

Have you guys ever heard of the Sleep Cycle app? I downloaded it a few days ago and tried it for the first time on Monday night. I’ve had sleep issues for years now and only noticed real improvements in my sleep when I did the Whole 30. So now I’m really trying to improve my sleep quality.

It takes a few times using the app to get good data, but here is my graph from my first night:


Very cool. In addition to the data/graphs, the app keeps track of things like if you drank coffee that day or were stressed out, etc. It’s alarm feature uses I think this will be really helpful the rest of the week for when I have morning workouts planned. I’m also going to try and keep a regular sleep schedule, even on the mornings when I could sleep in.

Does anyone else have sleep issues? How much sleep do you usually get per night?


One thought on “Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: first team meeting!

  1. erin

    I’ve been really bad about getting enough sleep lately, too. I downloaded a sleep app recently, but have yet to try it. Let me know what you think of yours! With that, I’m off to bed!

    Nice week of running!


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