Chicago: days 2 and 3

So the reason for my trip was to take a pragmatic marketing training on effective product marketing. While these kinds of things can sometimes be a waste of time, fortunately, this was not. The two full days went by really quickly and I found myself actually excited to implement some of the things I learned.

Monday night my friend Meghan, who works in Chicago, met me at The Purple Pig. Surprisingly, we got a table right away! I had pretty high expectations because I had heard from my colleague I was traveling with, my friend’s sister and brother-in-law and the concierge at the hotel, that this was THE place to eat while in Chicago. Oh, and Bon Appetit listed it as one of the best new restaurants in America a few years back. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Each dish knocked it out of the ballpark. And the wine list was super impressive.


Although I was uncomfortably full, after dinner I got a nice 20 minute walk on the treadmill and a mini-strength session in at the hotel fitness center. Pretty impressed with the equipment!



Tuesday morning, I packed my bags and met my colleague for breakfast before class started. We were treated to ANOTHER fantastic meal at Wildberry’s. I had the signature Berry Bliss crepes. Yum.


The rest of the day Tuesday was a bit stressful as we were watching the weather outside turn from rain to sleet to a mix to snow. And a lot of it. We ducked out of the class a bit early to head back to the hotel to get our bags and a cab to the airport. Traffic was getting bad and we had a few close calls in the cab, but we ended up making it to the airport three hours ahead of our scheduled flight.

I get a free checked bag since I’m a Gold Delta Skymiles AmEx cardholder so I usually check a bag just so I have less to carry around with me (especially being at the airport three hours early). Right after I checked my bag, my colleague and I had the thought to check if we could get on an earlier flight to Minneapolis. There was room, but it was too late for me to have time to get my bag back and board in time. So I headed to find some wine and dinner and wait for my flight.

Miraculously, no delays and I made it back to MSP around 9 p.m. Already planning my next trip back to Chicago!


4 thoughts on “Chicago: days 2 and 3

  1. Caitlin

    i guess that’s one situation when a sky mile reward of the free checked bag is a hinderance! at least you weren’t rushing and could enjoy dinner at the airport. i’ve never done the whole wine and dine at the airport thing but i’ve always wanted to. i don’t travel enough! i cannot believe you got in a workout after a big old dinner, holy moly. the dinner then workout thing has NEVER worked for me! after dinner my body says ok let’s get ready for bed, haha! that crepe looks blissful!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Yeah — but it’ll never happen again!! 🙂

      The crepe was delicious. Definitely not too sweet (that’s what I was worried about).

      Workout after dinner RARELY works for me either. Just was being stubborn about it this time 🙂


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