A whole lotta racing.

I just realized just how much racing I have coming up. And with this running funk that I’ve found myself in — that makes me very, very nervous.

April 7 – Shamrock Shuffle 8K

April 13 – Goldy’s Run 10 mile

April 27 – Get in Gear 10K

May 4 – Joe Plant Memorial 5K


June 2 – Minneapolis Half Marathon

June 8 – Lake Waconia 5K

June 16 – Women’s Half Marathon


August 16-17 – Ragnar Great River Relay

Looks like I have some decisions to make about which races I’ll actually be racing. Time to reassess my goals!

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. My foot is finally feeling better, but my legs are just feeling tired and my calves have been really tight. While I’ve been good at rolling and stretching, I haven’t been icing and getting regular massages like I was doing last training season. Could have something to do with it.

I’m looking forward to hopefully getting in an 8 mile run on Sunday (maybe outside?). Otherwise, it’ll be a pretty low-key weekend. My parents are coming into town for the weekend and we’ll be watching lots of basketball.

Did anyone fill out a bracket for the NCAA March Madness tourney? I’m not doing so well after day one…


12 thoughts on “A whole lotta racing.

  1. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    What do you use for recovery after a run and/or the gym? I just bought some ‘procovery’ powder for my husband and I, and one of the reviews mentioned how it helped with the tired legs feeling. I’ve only used it a few times, but really like it. My husband hasn’t complained of stiffness since using it as well, which used to be a daily occurence for him as a landscaper.

    That is a full race schedule! Hope you get plenty of recovery time or reassess which ones to do. Find that balance! πŸ™‚

    1. hyedi Post author

      Right now, I alternate between Plant Fusion and Fitmixer protein powders. I used to use GU recovery brew and I actually think that might have helped with my tired legs.

      And thanks for the words of encouragement! There will definitely be some reassessing going on πŸ™‚

  2. Andrea

    Did okay on my bracket for day 1. That Harvard win messed me up a little. Of course I’m keeping an eye on the Duke score today πŸ˜‰
    That is a lot of races! Good luck with all of them. Let me know if you want to try to schedule another time to swim πŸ™‚

    1. hyedi Post author

      Ha — I think the Harvard win messed most people up πŸ™‚

      I’d love to schedule another time to swim! Are you going home for Easter weekend or will you be around?

  3. Amy

    That is a lot of racing! I’m in such a funk right now too. Hopefully you pull yourself out of it because your schedule calls for a whole lot of running! And yeah…I’m done with March Madness. My bracket is pretty jacked right now and the entire state is in mourning over the New Mexico loss.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Well it sounds like you just had a pretty fantastic race!

      LOL that NM loss messed up a lot of people’s brackets in the pool I’m participating in.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Oooo exciting! Good luck with your half!

      I think as the first one gets closer (like yours is) I’ll be extra motivated to get in my long runs. Or hopefully I will be!

  4. erin

    You DO have a packed running schedule! Wowza! Listen to your body! πŸ™‚ Oh, yeah! Our schedules overlap with the Women’s half in June! Yay!

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend with your parents and an awesome 8-miler! Let’s get another coffee date on the calendar!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Oh of course!! Excited for that πŸ™‚

      Yes — let’s! I’ll email you tomorrow. Hope you got some QT with that gorgeous new bike of yours!

  5. Marie

    Hope to see you at Goldy’s! I’m doing the 5k with some friends. Not ready to give up skiing but ready for some warm weather! πŸ™‚

    Are you going to tackle the Chisago Tri again?! Nick and I are already signed up. Well, I THINK Nick signed up….

    1. hyedi Post author

      Awesome! Yes — hope to see you too πŸ™‚ I know Mandy is doing the 5K also.

      I’ve decided to skip the Chisago Tri this year….but you might just see me there cheering you on!


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