Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post: Meet Sara!


Name: Sara P.

Location/hometown: I currently live in Esko, MN and I grew up in North Branch, MN
How long have you been running? I began running for fun while in college and then continued running until my first pregnancy.  I took a six-year break from running because I was either pregnant, in “recovery mode”, or just plain too tired because being a mother to three little boys felt like enough of a workout.  I’ve been running again now for 4 years and I’m really enjoying it!
Why did you decide to run Ragnar? It was a combination of things.  I thought it would be a fun challenge and the “team” aspect appealed a lot to me.  In addition, my husband, Tim who also is a runner, and I spend little time together without our children present so I saw Ragnar as an opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with him.
How many Ragnar Relays have you run? 2012 was my first Ragnar experience and I am looking forward to participating in 2013!
If you’ve run Ragnar before, what’s your favorite Ragnar memory? My favorite Ragnar memory is a tie between experiencing the breath-taking back roads of southwestern Wisconsin and the all-out fun people I met along the course.
What are you most looking forward to about Ragnar 2013? Not only doing Ragnar again with my husband Tim but that we’ll also be participating with my brother and sister-in-law, Jesse and Hyedi!
Give me one fun random fact about yourself. I’m a full blown summer girl!  Recently while listening to a Kenny Chesney song about drinking on the beach and soaking in the sun all day my husband of nearly 13 years shared with me that perhaps I married the wrong person because that’s not his idea of a “perfect day”.

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