Who are your superheroes? #BeAmazing

Just a quick post as most of you are maybe out and about spending some QT with family.


I saw this photo in my Facebook feed the other day. How cute is this?

The Women’s Running Series had posted this photo with the following caption:

“Every runner needs support! Who are the superheroes cheering you on and supporting your #BeAmazing journey?”

And unlike 95% of the things I read in my Facebook feed, I actually stopped and thought about this. And the more I thought about this, the more people kept popping into my head.


Of course, the first people who came to mind are my 100% supportive husband and my parents who are really proud (although sometimes I think they think I’m a little hardcore). My in-laws are fantastic and have come to cheer me on at many races. And my Ragnar team this year includes my husband, sister-in-law and brother-in-law!



Then, I started thinking about some of my friends. My friends rock. They are always asking how my training is going or  making fantastic signs and coming out to races to support me.



But maybe most importantly, recently there’s been a movement among my friends and we’ve started running racing together!



I’m not saying that part had anything to do with me, but it still helps me feel supported in a way. And if for SURE means they are total superheroes. For example, Andrea just did her first 5K this past September and yesterday she ran over seven miles! And Stef is training for her first marathon this year!

Finally, I even thought about my co-workers — past and present. When I left my last job, my team wrote little messages wishing me good luck. But many of them wrote things about inspiring them to be healthier. And at my current workplace I recently got my first annual review. One of my co-workers said: “Hyedi is one of the healthiest people I know!” These little pieces of recognition that I’m inspiring others to be healthier feel like perhaps the best kind of support possible!

So now I ask you: Who are the superheroes cheering you on and supporting your #BeAmazing journey?

And just another reminder to enter my Picky Bars giveaway! I’m obsessed with these bars and super excited to have the chance to give someone else a shot at trying them out!
As my friend Aimee said in her Facebook status update today: Wishing everyone a joyful day of celebration- be it Easter, reception of spring, &/or a nourishing Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Who are your superheroes? #BeAmazing

  1. Andrea

    You are totally an inspiration to me in my running and quest to be healthier! I’m so glad I have you to go to for advice and info!


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