Ladies Night Out + Picky Bars winner!

No Weekly Wednesday Ragnar post this week — sorry! (and if you can’t tell, this post was supposed to go up yesterday)

First of all, Twin Cities runner friends: you should SERIOUSLY consider going to this event — it looks like a blast!


Register here.

Running this week has so far not happened. My legs were so sore after my nine miles on Sunday that I decided to walk for 30 minutes and do 20 minutes on the stationary bike on Tuesday instead of getting a run in. And I’ve taken Monday and yesterday as rest days. But I’m planning on getting a nice, easy run in today.

I’ve also started packing for the weekend. But they keep changing the forecast for Sunday’s race — right now, 53 and mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of rain. Fine by me!

Also, we have a winner!


Congrats, Hilary!

Lastly, thanks so much for the kind words and positive feedback to my last post. It was terrifying to post it so I really appreciate you all reaching out!


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