Life changing ice cream

I’m racing (again) tomorrow! Even though I feel like I recovered pretty quickly after Sunday’s race, I’m still not planning to go all out for this race; rather, treat it as a (hopefully) quality long run.

Last year, I spectated at this race and cheered on my husband!


This year, I’m excited to cross that finish line on the TCF Bank Stadium field and be projected on the jumbotron. I’m also so excited that so many of my friends are running it also this year!

On an unrelated note, I may have found my new favorite ice cream.

To celebrate my one year blog anniversary, J suggested that we go out for ice cream. I realized that it was a Thursday which just so happens to be the only day of the week when you can buy Sweet Science ice cream — a new local ice cream place I’ve been hearing about that is made with only natural, organic, and local ingredients. So I put the address in my GPS and we stumbled upon this building:

Wait, there's an ice cream place here?

Wait, there’s an ice cream place here?

…and followed the sign…

sign 2




At $9 a pint, I could only try one of the many delicious flavor options they had. I of course had to go with salted caramel!

This was unlike ANY other ice cream I’ve ever had. And I have to clarify that this was not better than Izzy’s but I can’t say that Izzy’s is better than this either. This was just so — different!

Anyone else ever have a similar life-changing food experience?


9 thoughts on “Life changing ice cream

  1. Jessica

    Yum! Have you ever had Jeni’s? They make awesome ice cream. It costs about just as much, so it’s only a “treat” once and a while for us. Definitely life changing, though I think the milk shakes at the Dairy Barn/MN State Fair still have my heart.

    1. hyedi Post author

      I have not tried Jeni’s! Where would I find that? Also, I just had my first milk shake at the State Fair last year and I’m hooked! Although I can’t remember which stand I got it at…oh man, now I wish it was State Fair time!

      Also, I couldn’t comment on your Chicago post — but it was great to meet you 🙂 !

  2. erin

    I’ve had a visit to sweet science on my to-do list forever; now, I’m going as soon as I’m home on Friday. Can’t wait to try it!

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