5 tips to getting the most out of your Fitbit

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*Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Health and Fitness Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

You might remember that a Fitbit was one of the two devices we got during our Verizon Voices kickoff weekend in Chicago! Now that I’ve had the chance to actually use my Fitbit for almost a month now, I wanted to share what I have found to be the best ways to get good use out of the device.



Five tips to getting the most out of your Fitbit

1. Take the stairs! It’s amazing how many times I’d take the elevator places without even thinking about it.


2. Park far away. Those extra steps it took you to get from your car to the grocery store, work…whatever, can be the difference in making your step goal for the day vs. not.

Love seeing this.

Love seeing this.

3. Regularly sync your Fitbit. And if you’re like me and you obsess over stats — you’ll stay motivated. Adding friends on fitbit.com can help keep you motivated also. I’m not super competitive with others, but I am with myself.

My flower's bigger than yours! :)

My flower’s bigger than yours! 🙂

4. Explore the other features. At first, I mostly paid attention to the steps taken/distance walked and floors climbed, but the sleep tracking is pretty awesome and you can track food/water intake on fitbit.com also!

It comes with a wristband (actually super comfortable) to wear while sleeping!

It comes with a wristband (actually super comfortable) to wear while sleeping!

5. Go for a walk. OK, I know — duh. But sometimes I get in the habit of getting pretty sedentary once I’ve gotten my workout in for the day. But since I’ve gotten the fitbit, my husband and I have been taking more walks (great way to connect without the distraction of the television, etc) and I’ve been taking the dog out for more walks. And that makes Cole very happy!

photo (42)

One other tip that might now work for everyone, but I’ve found helpful is if you can stand at work (I’m lucky enough to have a sit-to-stand desk) — you should stand. You take way more extra steps by already standing.

Even if you don’t have a Fitbit, these are all great ways to get some more movement into your day!


3 thoughts on “5 tips to getting the most out of your Fitbit

  1. erin

    Such a cool device! I kinda want one, too 🙂

    Also, aren’t walks the BEST?! I love a walk along Summit on a summer night! And, I miss my sit-to-stand desk!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Yes! I used to get really bored during walks and want to start running (and OK, I still sometimes do) but I’ve really come to enjoy them 🙂

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