A night at the nosh

This past Saturday night I finally had the chance to attend an event I’ve been wanting to for some time — the North Coast Nosh.


The North Coast Nosh is a food and drink event put on by the Heavy Table and Peace Coffee that features local eateries, breweries and more. This was the eighth North Coast Nosh that’s been held. What makes the NCN unique from other food/drink events is that they limit the number of tickets sold (I could actually tell this was the case. While it was crowded at times, I never thought we wouldn’t be able to sample something) and the purveyors are all carefully selected to make sure there’s a good mixture of local and creative food/drink.

I had first heard about the NCN when I asked my boss about it at work. She had this really cute coffee mug that she had gotten at the event. Everyone got one of the mugs and they used it to sample the different coffees, beer, etc. Sadly, they must’ve made the switch to disposable drink ware for this event — because no mug. Bummer! I was really looking forward to it 😦


Went with this fun group of ladies! My friend, Patti on the left and some of her friends from law school.

My favorites:

Petite Sweets Pastries – The PSP folks were super friendly and I sampled the salted caramel bar and was absolutely floored. SO good. They also had their whoopie pies there to sample (it’s what they specialize in) but it was the beginning of the night and I didn’t want to get full, so I passed on those. Kicking myself now!



Sweet Science Ice Cream (duh.) – I sampled the pear riesling sorbet (major yum) and the chocolate raspberry (good, but not as good as the salted caramel or the pear). I have a feeling these guys are just going to blow up.

Sassy Nanny Farmstead Cheese – sampled their creamy, delicious goat cheese. It doesn’t look like it’s sold in the metro area, so I may need to track it down when I’m in Duluth for Grandma’s weekend!

Fresh Bar – I wish I was more “in the moment” when I sampled the Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana flavor because I think these are something I could really get behind. (Great — just what I need, another bar to be obsessed with.) From what I can remember, I was impressed with the texture and really how “fresh” it tasted! I checked out the website and it said that Fresh Bars are bars with natural, whole ingredients, that taste great, are healthy, and maintains their straight-out-of-the-oven texture. One thing I found interested is that these bars need to be kept refrigerated.


Also of note:

The 45th Parallel Spirits folks were there. I told them how much fun the distillery tour was and how much we are enjoying the vodka and bourbon we purchased.

Caves of Faribault – I’ve loved the St. Pete’s Select blue cheese for a couple of years now, but didn’t realize where it came from!

All of the beer. I’m a big fan of Fulton but I have to say I enjoyed the Minnesota Special Bitter from Badger Hill Brewing Company (yes, I was carb loading for my 12 mile run the next morning.)

Gnocchi Me – didn’t love the shortrib ragu (but others in my group liked it!) but I’m for sure going to hit up this food truck sometime!


FIKA – This wins for one of the prettiest presentations:

Compressed cucumber, creme fraiche, shallot jam, breakfast radish, horseradish and dill pollen

Compressed cucumber, creme fraiche, shallot jam, breakfast radish, horseradish and dill pollen

I also ran into Melissa, which was a fun surprise!

I definitely think I’d go to another North Coast Nosh — as long as they keep the purveyors new and interesting!


6 thoughts on “A night at the nosh

  1. erin

    So much fun, so many good eats! I heard about this and wish I could have gone. Definitely going to pick up some Fresh Bars and really need to get over to Sweet Science!

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