Race Recap: 2013 TC 1 Mile

Official time: 7:10

Well, now I know what to expect from a 1 mile race.

I’ve had mixed emotions about this one — which is why this took so long to write. I definitely felt some disappointment after this one. I knew, as soon as I crossed the finish line, that I had maybe given this race somewhere between 60-70%. I’m pretty sure I should’ve been feeling some sort of “burn” and maybe a bit out of breath — and I felt neither.

But let me start from the beginning. Mandy and I lined up, somewhere right around the 8 minute mile estimated finish time. When we took off, it was FAST. It took no time at all to cross the mats at the start, but it was still crowded and congested and I immediately wished we would’ve started a bit closer to the front.

Before I knew it (seriously, it happened so fast) we were approaching the 1/4 mile marker and the clock read just under 2:00. I remember feeling good about this and telling myself I could pick it up but it was going to get a lot harder. But the next 1/4 mile flew by also and doing math to figure out what my pace was went out the window. Plus, the buildings were messing with my Garmin.

After I hit the 3/4 mile marker I knew I should go for it — and I felt fine — but for some reason I was still cautious.ย I actually remember briefly slowing down as I approached the finish line — afraid of the hurt I was still convinced was coming. (I should point out, this is WAY different than a normal race. Unless I really don’t have anything left, I always push myself at the end.) And then I finished and that was that.

On the positive side, I now feel confident about racing one mile in the future.

Lessons learned:

  • You’re not going to die.
  • Start out even closer to the front than you think you should. (People gave me good advice about this one — just wasn’t sure how close I should have started!)
  • It goes by REALLY fast, so give it all you got

Perhaps the coolest part of this race was watching the leaders of the following waves come flying by as we walked back to the car. I’m for sure going to stick around and watch the elites next year. (This year, a burger and a beer were calling my name.)

So there you have it! Definitely a great experience — looking forward to running this one again next year.



9 thoughts on “Race Recap: 2013 TC 1 Mile

  1. Julia B.

    Nice job! Road miles are so hard to pace. But still, that feeling that you could have gone harder during a race is annoying! There is another road mile in the TC in July…it used to be the Rice Street mile but I forget its new name…in case you want to give it another shot!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thank you! Someone was actually just telling me about that Rice Street mile race, but I heard that it’s mainly just very fast people who come out for that one! Maybe I’ll still give it a shot ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. hyedi Post author

      I agree! Yes, it’s definitely something that is different than we are used to but was a lot of fun!

  2. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    I would kill to be able to run a mile under 8:50 let alone close to the 7:00 mark. The fact that you weren’t about the collapse at the finish and still pulled off that time is a testimony to how fit you are. Well done, celebrate it!

  3. erin

    Fantastic one-miler, Hyedi! I’d say 7:10 is pretty speedy ๐Ÿ™‚ And, like Danielle said, it shows just how FIT you are! Great job!

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