Healthy Living Summit 2013 and #NoElevatorMonth

So…have you heard? The Healthy Living Summit is going to be in the Twin Cities this year! I’m super excited — I’ve wanted to go in years past (it’s been previously held in Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago) and now I can!  If you haven’t heard of HLS, it’s a weekend conference for bloggers and blog readers interested in all aspects of healthy living and was founded by these ladies.

Is anyone else planning to attend? I’m really excited to meet some blog friends in September!

If you’re interested, they just posted some answers to FAQs.

So my new “thing” at work to make sure I’m getting in my steps is swearing off the elevator. And I’m going to try and keep is up for as long as possible — aiming for one month. (My Fitbit it SO excited about this.) And I have to admit, I’m not missing the awkward elevator encounters that usually take place.

familiar sight.

I see a lot of this each day.

I sit on the fifth floor and for awhile I used to take the stairs when I first got to work in the morning, but usually didn’t take them many other times, unless meetings were on the fourth or sixth floors. But now that I’m taking the stairs all of the time, I’m definitely noticing that I’m not as winded when I get to my desk in the morning! So I’ll let you know how long I last. Today marks day 9 of #noelevatormonth. I did, out of habit, almost take the elevator yesterday, but caught myself just in time.

Oh — and  I’m officially registered for the Twin Cities Marathon!



I’m super excited to be running as a Girls on the Run Twin Cities Sole Mate this year. Training kicks off June 17. Perfect timing for me to take a little time off after my half marathon on June 2.

Are you going to the Healthy Living Summit?

Do you take the stairs? Do you avoid elevator awkwardness?


4 thoughts on “Healthy Living Summit 2013 and #NoElevatorMonth

  1. Julia B.

    I always take the stairs at work! I am only on the 4th floor but I still get so winded! I’m not super familiar with the Healthy Living Summit but it could be fun!

  2. katielookingforward

    I am so darn excited for the Healthy Living Summit! I would decide on a no elevator month…except for I’m never around elevators (the beauty of a small town). Maybe we’ll run into each other at the Minneapolis Half? Otherwise see you in September for sure!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Me too! I wish September would hurry up and get here already 🙂

      I hope we run into each other at the half! And I’ll be in Duluth too for Grandma’s!

  3. erin

    The Healthy Living Summit sounds so fun! May have to look into going, too…

    LOVE #noelevatormonth! Brilliant! And, hooray for TC Marathon! So excited for you! 🙂


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