FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 5/20 – 5/26

Besides workouts this week, I’m going to start trying to post more about what I’m eating and meals for the week. With marathon training kicking off, my diet is going to need some cleaning up. Also, I was inspired by Danielle’s meal planning posts and I’ve also been discovering some pretty great recipes lately that I’d love to share! So to kick this off, let me show you the lunch (and the snacks) that I’ve been obsessed with recently:

Wasa crackers with hummus and deli meat, I heart keenwah bites and sparkling water

Wasa crackers with hummus and deli meat, I heart keenwah bites and sparkling water

This is totally inspired by Meghann’s work lunches. I’m now obsessed with Wasa crackers! Also unpictured here is the banana I usually have as a mid-morning snack, the GF macaroon I had after lunch and the afternoon snack which lately has been a Picky Bar (if I’m going to be working out later), some Trader Joe’s ABC trail mix or a Chobani flip!

Monday: Strength work and stretching/rolling.

I did some pushups and loosely followed this video for my core workout. I’m seriously noticing a difference in my core strength already after just a few weeks of consistent core work. Awesome — a six pack must not be far behind 😉

Tuesday: 4.25 mile run. Total time: 39:05

Another run fail. But I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out — I’ve been doing more strength work and I realized that I had been doing leg work before runs. I received this advice:


Which I know — duh. But I guess I just kind of didn’t even think about it. Anyways — lesson learned.

Wednesday: 2.8 mile run. Total time: 28:33

Met my friend Mandy at a local running store where I picked up more Nuun and some caffeine-free GU for my husband. It was cold and a little windy out and it had just stopped raining so it felt damp too. But we still got a little run in! After we finished, we caught up over carbs Italian at the Broders deli.

Thursday: 10.03 mile bike ride. Total time: 43:13

Windy day. Felt like I might just fall right over when I was crossing the Ford bridge. Followed the bike ride up with some pushups, planks and this core workout.

Friday: Rest day.

Friday night was group date night. J and I got together with some friends for delicious Pizza Luce. And even though it was a rest day, I got in my 10,000 steps because we capped off date night with some bowling! Oh — and some dancing.

(my first attempt at a Vine video)

Saturday: 3.26 mile run (total time: 32:33) and 20 minute swim.

Met Andrea for another Saturday morning swim, but this week we got a nice run in also!


Post run/swim coffee treat.

Sunday: 6 mile run (58:28) and strength work.

Not much to say about this one. Enjoyed a really exciting French Open first set of the Urszula Radwanska/Venus Williams match up while on the treadmill.

This next week will be pretty light on the workout front. The Minneapolis half is next Sunday and I can tell that a week of dialing back will be the perfect way to be refreshed on race day.

Happy Memorial Day! How’s everyone spending the day?


3 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 5/20 – 5/26

  1. erin

    Great week, Hyedi! I’m also looking forward to seeing your meals and trying your recipes! Totally want to go bowling now 🙂


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