Running nightmares

OK, show of hands – who’s had a running nightmare before?

My husband has been having running nightmares lately and I had a real doozy last night.

From what I can remember, all the nightmare was about was that I was with my mom and J and a bunch of strangers in some remote cabin and the half was about to start but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out what time we needed to leave to get there on time. And then I just couldn’t get us out the door. I don’t think I actually missed the half, but I knew I was going to. Sounds silly, but I woke up pretty panicked!

(It probably comes as no surprise that yesterday I found out that the start time for the half is 6:30 a.m. Oh boy.)

Conveniently, J’s last 20 miler before Grandma’s is on Sunday and he was planning on doing his “test run” so he’s going to get up early and eat what he plans to eat before the marathon. Then he’s going to drive me to the start and then go for his 20 mile run. Does anyone want to drive me home? I’m only about three miles from where the race finishes, but after running 13.1, I doubt I’ll want to walk home 😉

The weather on Sunday is looking good as of right now.


Also, it looks like I’ll be getting these in time for the race! And in time to do a test run in them beforehand.



Finally, question for all of you – for the last few long-ish runs, out of nowhere I’ve been getting this weird blister on the arch of my left foot – any idea of what could be causing that? I’ve tried playing with how tight I tie my shoes and wearing different socks, but nothing seems to help. And it’s not like these are new shoes – I have over 150 miles on them. This worries me considering I just got another pair of these same shoes for marathon training.

Tell me about your running nightmares!


6 thoughts on “Running nightmares

  1. Amy

    I hate race nightmares. And they never make any sense, so you wake up panicked about something that could never happen in reality! Good luck to both of you on Sunday!

  2. Reba- Not So Perfect Life

    I have had triathlon nightmares and they are the worst. I dreamed that I got grouped with the professionals for the swim start of the NYC Tri, the swim is my weak link so terrifying!

    Good luck Sunday 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about it.

  3. erin

    I had a triathlon nightmare recently, but can’t recall it at the moment. I do remember being a bit panicky when I woke up, though! Hope you don’t have any more!


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