FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 5/27-6/2

This was a pretty boring week since I was erring on the side of being cautious leading up to the half marathon.

But one exciting thing (kind of related) is that the awesome folks from the Joe Plant Memorial race sent me my medal for my 1st place AG and 3rd overall female finish!


Monday: a whole lotta nothing.

The hubs and I made bad food choices (Dairy Queen and Sonic? Who are we?!?) and laid around most of the day. We did fit in a quick trip to the dog park before the rain foiled our plans to spend time in the yard getting the garden ready and mowing the lawn.

Tuesday: Bring on the taper! 2.61 run/walk with Cole. Total time: 30:19

Cole likes walks.

Cole likes walks.

After my run I went to dinner with a friend and then did the grocery shopping for the week.


Wednesday: Mowed the lawn — cross training (during a taper) at its finest.

I did burn some calories and got some steps in on the fitbit!

Thursday: Strength training. I love the Gym Hero app — and it syncs with RunKeeper!

Image (1)

(partial screenshot)

On Tuesdays run I ran in old shoes that I shouldn’t have. I just need to get rid of those. My thought process was that since it was crappy out and it was only a short run, I could wear my old Mizunos so my newer shoes wouldn’t get dirty. I totally forgot that they bother my shins. So as of Thursday I still had sore shins from Tuesday.

Friday: 2.01 mile run (last run before the Minneapolis Half) Total time: 19:14

Saturday: Rest day.

I somehow made my 10,000 step goal without running or even a long walk. Must have been from all of the yard work and going to pick up my race packet. After we got home form running errands, J made me a pre-race meal of mushroom stroganoff with yummy baguettes from Turtle Bread!

Sunday: The Minneapolis Half Marathon. 13.1 miles in 1:56. Recap to follow!

Do you hang on to old shoes? Or do you get rid of them right away when you replace them?


2 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 5/27-6/2

  1. Julia B.

    I usually toss old shoes (or bring them to a running store for recycling). The one pair I’ve hung onto is my spikes from college. I can’t give them up- too many memories! Congrats on the Mpls half- looking forward to your recap!


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