Race Recap: 2013 Lola’s 5K

Race #11 of the year -- complete!

Race #11 of the year — complete!

Just like last weekend, race day provided a rare break in the depressing weather that Minnesota has been experiencing.

I woke up at 5:15 a.m. (third day in a row waking up before 6 a.m.) and had a piece of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast with almond butter and a cup of coffee. J and I left the house at 6:20 to be at my friend Patti’s apartment in Waconia by 7:20.

Weather.com said that the temperature was going to be 60 degrees, partly cloudy with no wind. I decided on Lululemon speed shorts, Lululemon black Run for your Money tank (I wore the polka dot version last weekend for my half), my Pro Compression socks and my Brooks PureFlows. I also grabbed my sunglasses and am so glad I did since it ended up being sunny for the entire race.

We met John, Katrina and Stef at Patti’s apartment and walked with Patti and her brother from her apartment over to the park where the race was to start. Patti and her brother were doing the 10 mile which started at 7:50 a.m., Stef and John were doing the half (their first half!) and Katrina and I were doing the 5K at 8:15. Patti’s parents were also walking with their dog for the Dog Day 5K at 8:30. After some confusion about where the different races were supposed to start, we figured it out and made our way over to our starting locations.

Before the race.

Before the race.

Mile 1: 7:32

I felt pretty “off” right from the start of the race. I tried to line up in a place where I felt like the people around me looked like they might run a similar pace. This is not a good strategy. I should know better. Plus, people were not lined up appropriately for this race — at all. There were walkers right up front and I’ve never seen so many people at one race start out sprinting all out and then having to walk right away, as was the case for this race.

So even though I started pretty close to the front, I did have to weave around quite a few people. Also, when the race actually started, it was kind of an unofficial thing and I couldn’t tell if the guy was serious or not when he said “GO!” And I didn’t see mats at the start so wasn’t positive when to press start on my watch.

Speaking of my watch, my Garmin was acting weird so my pace was all over the place at first. I could tell that my heart rate soared right away which was then hard to get under control.

The mile markers that were set up were for the half marathon but I didn’t realize that at first and so when I thought I had hit one mile, I realized we were actually only at .8. Bummer.

Mile 2: 8:07

Mile 2 was not fun. I was starting to lose steam and my shin was starting to become actually painful. I had to stop and walk for a bit to loosen up my shin. And I got passed by a woman during mile 2.

Mile 3: 9:20

Mile 3 was rough which is obvious from my time. I had to walk a few more times when my shin kept getting super tight and got passed by three more people (no women though!). The good thing was that the walking breaks were short, yet very effective. I was able to start running again and not let my pace drop TOO much. We rounded a corner and I saw the park where we started, up ahead. The 5Kers split off from the half marathoners and after one more bend, I saw the finish line up ahead.

Official time: 25:57. 2nd AG, 5th female overall

Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 7.20.27 PM

I made a few mistakes in this race. First, I started out too fast. I need to be better at listening to my body and not paying as much attention to the people around me or relying on my Garmin.

I also feel like it was a bit close to my half to think it was realistic to race this one. I know some people wouldn’t have a problem with it, but my body really seems to need proper recovery and from the minute I started running today, I could tell that I could’ve used just an easy run today.

I’m also sad to say this, but I think my shin issue might have something to do with my Brooks. I remember a few other times I’ve worn them, my shins have bothered me. But it doesn’t seem to be every time. Has anyone heard of this at all with the PureFlows?

Katrina and I after our 5K.

Katrina and I after our 5K.

Anyways, today was such a fun race. Stefanie and John completed their first half marathons ever! And they are both registered for the Twin Cities Marathon. It’s so exciting to go through these milestones with friends.

And Patti and her brother Jim completed the 10 mile and did awesome.

Patti and I!

Patti and I!

After the race I ate a Chipotle burrito and it was delicious.

After we got home I got back in the car and headed to my hair appointment.

Image (2)

I needed a haircut SO badly. It feels so much lighter now and is much healthier looking.

As always, Jesikah did a great job and it was wonderful to catch up with her!

How was your weekend? Did you race?

I’m thinking of investing in The Stick/Tiger Tail. Does anyone have one or would recommend?


8 thoughts on “Race Recap: 2013 Lola’s 5K

  1. erin

    Rested or not, you still had an awesome race, friend! Fifth overall woman and 2nd AG is fantastic! Congrats! You are killing your running, and I cannot wait to see race 26.2 again!

    And, as always, your hair looks amazing! I desperately need to get in to see Jesikah, too.

    I highly recommend the stick. I use it every single night before going to bed. It’s awesome 🙂

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, Erin! I’m definitely really pleased with my time even though it wasn’t my best performance 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation on the Stick!

  2. katielookingforward

    I have the stick and love it!! Its great for working small specific spots, and really great on my neck/back/shoulders. Your haircut looks great!! I heard the Lola course is super hilly (but that was in reference to the half). Bummer about your shins, but way to keep fighting and not give up. I love 5ks, but like to have an idea of how many beginners will be signed up before I think about my own goals for the race. The more beginners there are, the more I look at it as a fun run. The Grandma’s 5k on Friday night is a great one because some of those runners are pretty intense!

    1. hyedi Post author

      That’s what I’m most looking forward to about the Stick, that I can get at those specific areas where I am always tight!

  3. Julia B.

    I hate starting too fast in races! But it is so hard to not get caught up in the excitement. I’m going to add another vote for the stick- I have the one with sort of squishy handles so you can use it for trigger point work as well as rolling muscles.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Oooo I think I saw the squishy handle one on Amazon. OK, my mind is made up — I’m going to invest in one!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, friend! And I wouldn’t be so sure about that 🙂 I didn’t think I’d ever get that either — but running smaller races has its advantages!


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