Extreme spectating + workouts for the week

I’m skipping my formal recap of last week’s workouts. It was pretty boring. Here, I’ll sum it up: I ran two miles on National Running Day, did some strength training a couple of days and ran a 5K. Once I kick off marathon training on June 17, it’ll hopefully get more interesting!

So remember how I didn’t get into the Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon?

And then the Women's Half got canceled :(

And then the Women’s Half got canceled 😦

Well I softened the blow by psyching myself up to go spectate and cheer on my husband (who is trying to qualify for Boston). Then it got even better when I found out my friend Kris didn’t get into the lottery either and her boyfriend was also running the full!

So Kris and I met Sunday morning for coffee and we started planning out our spectating adventure. I’m getting so excited! So far, the plan is something like this: on race day we’re going to meet bright and early in downtown Duluth. We’ll have our bikes with us and will park our cars downtown. Then we’re going to get a  short run in before getting some food, grabbing our bikes and biking to somewhere around mile 7 before the guys get there.

Jesse still hasn’t quite decided what kind of support he’s going to want. But I figured I’ll make sure to have the standard stuff (vaseline, nutrition, etc) and be there in case he wants to hand me anything.

We also need to start thinking about what our signs are going to say!  Any ideas for a super amazing sign?

Has anyone ever spectated Grandma’s Marathon? Any advice?


4 thoughts on “Extreme spectating + workouts for the week

  1. erin

    Fun! I spectated and Sherpa-ed for Nick last year… it was a blast! We stayed in Two Harbors, so I cheered at the start, drove back to Duluth and cheered between miles 18 and 19 (love this spot and recommend it!) and then drove to the finish. Definitely have a plan of where to meet after he’s done. I couldn’t find Nick for nearly an hour, and he didn’t have his phone.

    How’s J feeling? He’s gonna rock Grandma’s!

  2. Amy

    I tried spectating at a race once, and it was hard! Keeping the energy up that early in the morning takes a lot of coffee! (and water because cheering really hurts the throat).

    Good luck to Jesse on his BQ! I hear the Grandma’s course is a fast one if it isn’t too hot.

    1. hyedi Post author

      I think coffee will be a *must.*

      I will pass along your good luck wishes — I think we’re all crossing our fingers for good weather that day!


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