Race recap: Runner’s Knees Virtual 10 Miler

The Runner’s Knees Virtual 10 Miler was race #12 on the year and was also a PR for me!

It all started with this tweet:


A chance to run the same race (kind of) with DanielleAmy and Rachel?!?! OK — sign me up!

My training schedule called for a four mile slow run on Saturday and a 10 mile steady run (9:20-9:40 pace) on Sunday. I decided to just flip flop the two workouts and then be OK with running the ten a bit slower if necessary.

By the time I went to bed on Friday night, I had kind of already gotten it in my head that I was going to do this race on the treadmill. After Thursday’s awful run, I wanted to avoid having anything about this run feel similar to that.

So I woke up around 6:30 on Saturday morning and had a baked breakfast cookie and some coffee. Around 7:30 I headed to the gym and jumped on one of my favorite treadmills. I was crossing my fingers for something nice and distracting to watch to get me through the ten miles. And I lucked out — Wimbledon! (I miss tennis. Thinking of starting on another women’s singles league if I ever stop training for marathons.)

I felt pretty sluggish from the start — again with the heavy legs. I could feel my tight calves and my left shin was also bothering me a bit, but I wore my PRO compression socks (because it’s cool to wear compression socks indoors on a treadmill) so the discomfort was much more bearable than on Thursday. I had my water bottle full of Cola flavored Nuun (LOVE this flavor. Thanks, Maria, for giving me a sample!) and I also had a Huckleberry flavored Hammer Gel (I took half at mile 5 and the other half at 8).

Finally — somewhere past the halfway point, I started feeling warmed up and increased the speed a bit. For the rest of the run I kept increasing the speed and finished the last mile at a 9:13 pace.

Total time – 1:37:56 (old PR was 1:39:02) I did hit the 10 mile mark at 1:28:16 during my most recent half marathon so I know I can keep improving on my 10 mile time!



Congratulations to the rest of the Virtual 10 Miler participants and thanks to Runner’s Knees for putting it on! (check out this awesome recap that Runner’s Knees put together.)

I can’t wait to get my medal!


9 thoughts on “Race recap: Runner’s Knees Virtual 10 Miler

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  2. erin

    Nice job, Hyedi! I can’t imagine running 10 on the dreadmill, too 🙂

    Also, do you like your PRO compression? I need a pair SO bad!


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