Not your typical running store: Mill City Running

A few weeks back, I posted about checking out a new local running store, Mill City Running.


I fell in love with the store immediately just by the way I felt when I walked in the door. Everything just looks so pretty. You almost don’t want to touch anything, but then again, you really want to touch everything. My friend and I were greeted by the owners, Jeff and Bekah (husband and wife duo) who are awesome.

Gorgeous store.

Gorgeous store.

I took a look around  at their inventory and was thrilled to see that they carry Picky Bars! They also carry GU, Nuun, Honey Stinger and my other fave brands.


Then, I noticed this on the wall:

MCR really is all about the community.

MCR really is all about the community.

These organized events are just one example of how they’re not just “talking the talk” when it comes to their mission statement (which I love):

Welcome: Newbies and veterans, tortoises and hares, clueless and proficient, old dogs and young bucks, champions and injured, realists and dreamers. We want everyone to feel welcome: walkers, runners, yogis, cross fitters, cyclists, and human beings. Our aim is to support each person we encounter and to help them achieve their goals in whatever way we can; shoes, clothing accessories or camaraderie.

Even though their staff is made up of experienced runners, including collegiate and elite athletes, everyone is so friendly, welcoming and helpful. It’s definitely not always that way at other running stores.

And they carry Oiselle!

Oh! And did I mention that they carry Oiselle?

If you’re in the market for a new pair of running shoes, they have a treadmill set up and use an iPad to video you running and whatever app they use lets them slow the recording down, speed it up, run it backwards, etc. It’s very cool.



I really like that they have an awesome 30 day return policy (and you can actually wear the shoes on the surface you usually run on — not just on a treadmill!) and a loyalty program to earn store credit.

If you live in the Twin Cities, you should def check out Mill City Running.

Do you have a favorite local running store? What about it makes it your favorite?


9 thoughts on “Not your typical running store: Mill City Running

  1. Amy B

    I’m definitely making a trip there when were in town next. We don’t have a local running store where we live (a tragedy) but have family in the Twin Cities so it feels like home!

    1. hyedi Post author

      It’s in Northeast Minneapolis! OH yeah, Marathon Sports, right? I’m a fan of that store too 🙂

  2. Shawn

    This store looks like paradise, wish I had one like that near home. I haven’t been ro a running specialty store before, I just buy my running gear from a variety of shops selling sports stuff.

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  4. erin

    As soon as I get back from Whistler, I’m stopping over here! This shop looks fantastic! And, definitely gonna pick up my first piece of Oiselle 🙂


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