What I packed for Ragnar

If all went well, my alarm went off this morning at 3 a.m. and we packed up the van and were on the road by 4:30 a.m. aaaaand right about now I’m likely cheering on our first runner, Angela, who just got into town from Cleveland last night (and she drove!) But I wanted to show you what I packed last night for this little adventure:


The hubs got me a fancy new camera for my birthday! I used it to take these photos and as you can tell, I still need to learn how to use it properly.

Running Essentials

  • My three Oiselle-inspired outfits — I am wearing outfit #1 and have the other two outfits packed in separate gallon-sized Ziploc bags.
  1. Stride shorts and Flyte tank
  2. Distance shorts, 2009 ragnar shirt
  3. Stride shorts, Lesko sports bra and my Lumberjack Heroes team tank!


  • 2 sets of running shoes
  1. Saucony Guide 5s
  2. Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s


  • 2 pairs of compression socks – including my new fancy Ragnar ones
  • Spibelt
  • Handheld Polar water bottle
  • Nathan fuel belt
  • Vaseline and Body glide
  • Headphones – I probably won’t wear while running, but wanted them for in the van or for trying to sleep
  • Garmin
  • The Stick (thanks, Kori!)

Other essentials

  • Sleeping bag
  • Two towels — one for sitting on in the van and one for sleeping on in place of a pillow and for changing under
  • Toiletries (contact stuff, first aid stuff – we’ll also have an actual first aid kit, baby wipes)
  • My new Samsung Galaxy Tab (thank goodness for 4G LTE)
  • Sunscreen
  • Oiselle hoodie and comfy pants to lounge in between legs
  • Teva sandals for in between legs
  • Sleep mask/earplugs
  • Flashlight
  • Safety gear – reflective vests, headlamps and tail lights

Fun stuff and food

  • Car window “chalk”
  • I was in charge of the pretzels and fruit snacks but we’ll also have other snacks and of course I packed Picky Bars!

For other great tips about packing for overnight relays, check out this blog post from Oiselle!

If you want to follow along on our team’s Ragnar adventures, I’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #lumberjackheroes!


9 thoughts on “What I packed for Ragnar

  1. erin

    So fun following the #lumberjackheroes! Hope you’re having an awesome time! Great way to celebrate a birthday 🙂

    Also, great list… it’s helpful to see as I start packing for IM Canada! 🙂


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