FAB Fitness: Foot Edition

I accidentally typed “food” edition. Mmm, food. You’d think with the decrease in mileage this past week, I wouldn’t be so rungry. Not the case.

So instead of a weekly workouts post this week, I’ll just say that I didn’t really work out. In the days following my 16 milers, my calves stayed balled up in terrible knots and my foot throbbed constantly.

My PT appointment on Thursday lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. We talked about my running history, current training, goals, symptoms — you name it. My PT then did some tests for  baseline measurements. Then, we went through some exercises that I’ve been doing every day since my appointment. One main area of weakness for me is my left ankle. (I’ve sprained it, like, 100 times.)

After that, she went to work on my calves and left foot by doing some deep tissue massage. And finally, she taped me up and sent me back to work. Looking like this:


This week I have my treadmill analysis — SO excited. I think I’ll be buying one more new pair of shoes before the marathon, but I’m waiting until after the analysis. I think it’ll be super interesting.

I did run once this past week. I ran for the first time after my awful 16-miler on Saturday. The weather had cooled off a bit so I ran around one of the lakes with my friend Mandy. We did 3.5 miles and I felt pretty good for the most part. My calves stayed loose the entire time, but my left foot was all I could think about during the run.


I also moved my long run to Monday (today) because of all the time I’ve been spending on my feet at the second job and to give my foot another day of rest.

The week’s other highlights included my Oiselle packages arriving! (Both my order and my Oiselle Team kit!)



Also, Wednesday night I stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime to go to the Desaparecidos show with the hubs. And it was SO worth it:



How were your workouts the past week? Have you ever done physical therapy?


7 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: Foot Edition

  1. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    I couldn’t get enough of blogilates last week, her ab workouts are just killer! I went to a PT for a while last summer, because my arch hurt so badly that I couldn’t run for months. Who knew some physical therapy and shoe inserts could solve the problem? If only I had gone sooner. I really hope your calves are okay for your next long run! On a lighter note, the workout clothes are too cute and the show looks awesome!

  2. erin

    Oh, I SO hope the PT helps, friend! Did he/she do the graston on you? It’s painful, but works.

    Excited to hear about your treadmill analysis! And, LOVE the Oiselle gear! I need to make some purchases asap!

  3. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    My workouts were fantastic this week, and you will read all about when I post later tonight 😉

    I’m very well versed in physio therapy: my current physio cracks my back, pelvis and hips, and although it’s startling, it feels so good afterwards. I love physio therapy 🙂

  4. Caitlin

    love those nights when you just KNOW staying up past the bedtime is worth it. good luck, i hope the treadmill analysis works! that bar graph running shirt looks awesome.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Yup — I pretty much never regret it when I make the decision to stay up late because it’s typically for something pretty awesome 🙂


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