Joining the flock + a new blog

This is a little late, but I wanted to write a little bit about what joining the Oiselle team means to me. As you could probably tell, I’m so, so excited about the opportunity to be a part of the 2013-2014 Oiselle Volée team. But what does that mean exactly?

First things first, Oiselle is pronounced “Wa-zell.” (if you’re like me, you had no idea how to pronounce Oiselle) It’s a women’s apparel company, based in Seattle. But, really, it’s so much more than that. Oiselle focuses on the feminine/fierce female athlete and (from their boilerplate) Oiselle embodies the notion that running is more than a physical activity, but also a philosophy that helps women increase their courage, confidence and health. A French word for bird, Oiselle alludes to that feeling of freedom and flight that most runners know; when the legs go fast and the heart goes free. <— isn’t that fantastic?!

The Volée team is made up of women who run all paces and race distances, etc. Here’s a perspective on the Volée team from Oiselle founder, Sally’s Bergesen, along with a list of the entire team!

And then there is also the Haute Volée team which is comprised of elite female runners from all over the country. Check out that lineup! To have my name even appear on the same website as them is…unbelievable.

For me, getting my wings means joining amazing, strong and inspiring women from all over the country to represent a company that is also led  by amazing, strong and inspiring women. It means — as cheesy as this sounds — being a part of something that I can get behind and totally believe in. And I can hardly believe I’ll be racing the Twin Cities Marathon in a Oiselle singlet!

In other news — I started a new blog! FAB isn’t going anywhere, the new blog is a project with my grad school friends and it’s going to be super fun! Check it out.


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