FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 9/2 – 9/8

Monday: 18.07 miles in 2:58.

We started at 8:30 a.m. and it was nice and cool which was a HUGE relief. I figured there were enough water stops along the way that I didn’t need to run with water.

Miles 1-7:  Felt good. Nice breeze and legs felt surprisingly weightless. Took my first GU around mile 7.

Miles 8 – 10: We picked up the pace to right around a 9 min/mi for the next three miles (around a lake).

Miles 11 – 18: Ankles were really bothering me and my left hip felt strangely tight. Legs weren’t super tired or tight until around mile 16. Took my second/final GU around mile 14.

Overall, this run was a HUGE confidence booster. The 16 miler from the week before was one of my worst runs to-date and this one really couldn’t have gone better. My ankles and hip didn’t feel good but it wasn’t anything I didn’t think I could run though. I was also pretty happy with the pace!

Tuesday: rest day

Made sure to do my PT exercises!


I need a pedicure.

Wednesday: 3.11 in 27:27 (8:49 pace)

I ran over my lunch hour and was really nervous about this run. While my left hip and both ankles were starting to feel better, they were still a bit sore. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when I started running, but to my surprise — I felt great! I pushed the pace a bit and finished with my legs feeling tired, but not sore.

I also worked second job that night and was treated to a lovely sunset:


Thursday: physical therapy

This week’s appointment was my treadmill running analysis. It was really cool — my PT videotaped me walking barefoot and then walking and running in both pairs of my shoes. Then we sat down together and she slowed things down and paused it to point out imbalances and reasons why I’m having my foot and ankle issues.

The good news? I have pretty good form overall! My core/glute work with my trainer has really paid off. But the bad news is that I super overpronate on my left side and it’s causing a lot of strain on my arch and ankle on that side. We’re going to continue on with my strengthening exercises and Graston and also take a look at having some orthotics made for me.

Saturday: 3.67 miles in 40 minutes

It was hot and my foot and hip were bothering me again so we took it slow. Nothing too special about this run. I wanted to get some miles in but feel good on my long run the next day.

I spent some time trying to learn more about my new camera before having to go into work for a few hours:




Sunday: 13.68 miles in 2:08 (9:20 pace)

All week I had been contemplating whether or not to actually do this long run or to shorten it to 10-ish miles. I was concerned with my foot and my 20-miler next weekend. But when the weather looked like it was going to be nice and cool, I decided to see how far I could make it. We did an out-and-back and I felt really, really good right up until we had only a mile or so to go. And the problem was that I started to feel hungry and light-headed. Since this is an easy fix (eat more before my long runs) I’m feeling pretty good going into next weekend’s 20 miler.

After the run I did a little legs-up-the-wall and of course I had to have Chipotle.


Woot for a 39 mile week! Bring on the 20 miler next weekend.

At work this week, I got a SnapChat tutorial and it made me feel old. I used the be the one giving the tutorials! Anyways, I still don’t know that I’ll really use it.

I have no BFFs :(

I have no BFFs 😦

Do you SnapChat?


7 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 9/2 – 9/8

  1. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    When you buy your running shoes, do you get your gait analysed? I’ve gotten mine done twice and both times, I’ve been diagnosed with overpronation on the left side, like you. My Nikes are made to support me and I keep getting the same type.

    Good luck!

    1. hyedi

      I do! I always get put in the same shoe but what the video analysis showed is that actually I do well with a little bit lighter of a shoe over an extended period of time because the stability shoe gets too heavy and then the support doesn’t end up helping as much. Interesting, right?! Thanks!

  2. erin

    AWESOME week of running! You are more than ready to crush TC Marathon! And, all your running is making me super jealous… I haven’t ran since IM, and my legs are itching to go 🙂


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