#HLS13 recap: day one

This recap took WAY longer to put together than it should have. My brain is all over the place and these last few weeks of going non-stop are starting to really take a toll on me. Aaaaaanyways, here it goes!


My Friday sadly didn’t start out with a group run at Mill City Running and with Katie 😦 work obligations made for a late night on Thursday and delayed me Friday morning. So instead I got ready and met the rest of the group at the Wild Harvest test kitchen out in Eden Prairie for a VIP tour.

The Wild Harvest test kitchens are located within the SUPERVALU headquarters.


After hearing from some of the Wild Harvest and SUPERVALU execs, we broke out into three groups and got to hear all about their QA process (and tasted some delicious chips and salsas — I NEED To find those seasoned tortilla chips).


Then we participated in a taste test in their sensory labs:


After that we learned about their recipe development process before getting treated to a delicious spread:



This bartender was awesome. Yummy NA mojitos!

This bartender was awesome. Yummy NA mojitos!

After the tour was over, Katie and I headed back to the hotel to grab two of her roommates — Marissa and Emily. We took advantage of early registration and got our amazing swag bags before heading to Sandcastle for a lunch mini-mingle. It was a beautiful afternoon to sit by the lake and enjoy a ginger agua and a BLT!



After lunch I had a haircut and had dinner with the hubs before heading back downtown for the cocktail party! The party was held on the Guthrie’s Endless Bridge (we actually considered having our wedding here!) and it was so much fun hanging out with new blends Katie, Jessica and Stephanie!


What a view.



Day one was exhausting but so much fun. Everyone I met was super friendly and it made me forget about some of the things that have been negative spots in my personal life right now. Stay tuned for part two!


10 thoughts on “#HLS13 recap: day one

  1. erin

    Sounds so fun! Really cool to see behind the scenes of Wild Harvest… and, Sandcastle has ginger aqua?! YUM. I need to get over there before the season’s over!

  2. Caitlin

    that BLT looks great. the wild harvest test kitchen visit must have been so cool! esp since it involved chips & salsa. the HLS photobooth at the cocktail party was one of my fave parts of last year’s summit in boston!

    1. hyedi Post author

      BLTs don’t normally “do anything” for me — but man, this is one good BLT. Wish you would’ve been at this year’s Summit!

  3. Kammie

    I wish I was able to go to the Test Kitchens too, it looks like a great time. It was great seeing you again! 🙂 And I’m still sad we forgot to take a pic. Womp womp. Next time FOR SURE!

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