#HLS13 recap: day two + a GymPact giveaway!

If you missed my recap from day one that was all about our behind the scenes tour of the Wild Harvest test kitchens, check it out here.

Highlights of day two:

  • From Blog to Job panel with Lauren, Gretchen and Cassie — their panel was SO interesting and got me thinking about all sorts of things from writing a book someday (OK I admit, I’ve thought about that for many years!) to filing my business as an LLC.
  • The Organized Blogger with superstars Heather and Julie — I knew some of the tips that they shared but I loved how the presentation was….organized (ha!). I also have since added Boomerang to my Gmail and have scheduled time to build out my editorial calendar this weekend.
  • Lunch — I loved the fajita bar and the yummy churros. Oh, and the fact that they went to the trouble of labeling things really well so we knew what was gluten-free, etc. But maybe they got a little carried away:

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 7.43.42 AM

After lunch I really enjoyed the Using your Platform for a Cause: Philanthropy & Blogging planel (with Mary from Girls on the Run Twin Cities (!!!) and Katie formerly from Sweet Tater Blog and now Honeystuck). Of course, I loved hearing all about GOTR but was also super inspired by the concept of PlateShare and really want to take the 30-day challenge! (Oh and I got a pretty sweet shout out during the presentation because of my guest post on Healthy Tipping Point!)

Photo credit: Megan Orcholski

Reunited with Jessica and Stephanie from the night before!
Photo credit: Megan Orcholski

The rest of the day was spent wrapping up and checking out vendor’s booths where I purchased my first Bama + Ry necklace!


Oh, and check out this deluxe swag bag — fave things so far have been the Kona Kase and the Wild Harvest goodies!






Although there was a lot of anxiety around this weekend, it ended up being a lot of fun and I got to see lots of fabulous ladies who I don’t get to see very often. It also made me really appreciate what blogging has done for my life.

It was fun catching up with Kammie who I had originally met in Chicago when I was there for the big Verizon Voices weekend! I had lunch with one of my local faves, Lee and I met new blends — the lovely Casey, ElizabethGretchen and Cassie. It was also fun to get to know Amanda who recently moved the Twin Cities and is also running as a Girls on the Run SoleMate!

Thanks so, so, so much to GymPact who sponsored me to attend Healthy Living Summit. I loved attending on your behalf and spreading the GymPact love!

Also, try GymPact risk-free with my code “FindingaBalance.” It allows you to try it out without having to enter in any payment information AND you will earn $5 right off the bat after completing your first pact! Use the code “FindingaBalance” (case sensitive without the quotes) when you sign up.

If you didn’t get a chance to get a GymPact shirt from me before they were all gone, GymPact is giving one away to one lucky person! Oh, and they’re throwing in a water bottle, too! (I love mine and bring it everywhere! Even to my trip this past winter to Grand Cayman and Cancun)


ahhh, I miss you white sandy beaches!

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling me what a typical week of workouts looks like for you! If you tweet about the giveaway (include a link to this post and tag @Gympact) you earn an extra entry! Giveaway closes this Friday at 4 p.m. CST. Good luck!


17 thoughts on “#HLS13 recap: day two + a GymPact giveaway!

  1. andrea1626

    Sounds like HLS was a great time! Right now my workouts revolve around half marathon training, so it’s been a combo of runs (long runs, easy runs, speed work and tempo), some strength (though I need to get better with this), and a little cross training.

  2. Jenny

    Heidi it was so great to meet you (even thought it was brief!) and I actually am showcasing the shirt I got from you on my blog tomorrow so you will have to check it out! We will have to stay in touch!!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Hi Jenny!! It was so good to meet you too. Thanks for letting me join your table a little late for the ice breakers 😉

      Can’t wait to see it on the blog! Glad you liked the shirt 🙂

  3. alexatc

    Since having my son, typical weekly workouts have changed drastically! I have to have a schedule to make it work, and stick to it. I usually do a spin class Tuesday night after work, a strength training class during my lunch break on Wednesdays at work. Thursdays when I work from home I usually do a two or three mile run after work, and Saturday or Sunday mornings I do a longer run. I like to throw in random strength training workouts on my own on other days, as I find them to be a great stress reliever.

  4. racingthestates

    My typical week of work outs??? Lately: Run with my cross country team that I coach (which includes crossfit workouts, long runs, speed work, and hills), Trail run once a week, Cycling class once or twice a week, and I coach bootcamp and personal train, so that’s a little bit of working out, and I TRY to spend a good 30 minutes at least 3 times a week to really good stretching. Phew! I’m tired just writing all that!

  5. Caitlin

    i love the scarf you are wearing in that pic! that swag is pretty rad. i love that you got a whole naturebox…i love their snacks for salad toppers. i also am jealous of the protein cookie in that kona kase. protein treats always peak my curiosity! that necklace you purchased is so cute.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks! I can’t for the life of me, remember where I got that scarf!

      I will let you know how the protein cookie is 🙂

  6. Nicole

    If everything goes according to plan, this is how my typical workout week looks:

    Monday – 1 hour free weights class

    Tuesday – 1/2 hour CXworx (core conditioning) class and 1 hour tai chi/yoga/Pilates class

    Wednesday – 45 minute Gravity (functional training) class and 1 hour combat class

    Thursday – 50 minute spin class and 1/2 hour Bodyshred class

    Friday – 1/2 hour combat class and 1/2 hour CXworx class (midday) OR 1 hour combat class and 1/2 hour CXworx class (evening)

  7. Petra

    My workouts consist of 30-60 min on the elliptical and then weights. My goal right now is to raise my endurance for cardio!! I love gympact… Haven’t missed a workout yet!

  8. Petra

    I LOVE Gympact! I haven’t missed a workout yet and have made $11 so far. My typical workout is 30-60 min of cardio then weights for 20-30 minutes. Right now I’m working on my endurance so I can last longer on those cardio machines & burn more calories!!

  9. erin

    I really should have attending the HLS with you! Looks awesome… and, that swag! The 26.2 necklace you bought is probably my favorite, though 🙂


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