Life lately

Life has been hectic lately. Like forgetting to eat lunch or to wash the conditioner out of your hair, hectic. Like I’ve left multiple voicemails from my car while driving for people starting with “I had to call you right this minute to tell you XYZ or I’m going to forget.” But I feel like things are maybe starting to slow down a little bit. Yesterday I worked the last day at my “current” job and I’m so excited to have today and tomorrow as “me” days and then I start a brand new job on Monday!

For the past two and a half weeks (ever since I put in my notice) I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions about leaving the amazing people I work with, stressing out about getting everything done/leaving things the way I wanted to and dealing with my running injuries and trying to feel ready for this *little* marathon coming up. Yet still being so excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead with the new job!

So with everything going on, a few things have suffered — mainly my marathon prep, my sanity, this blog — and sadly, my husband. (He puts up with a lot.) But writing this now, at 3 p.m., outside in the amazing weather, in my Oiselle Time Out sweatpants — things are looking pretty fantastic and I’m starting to feel like myself again.

EDIT: they are looking even more fantastic because these just showed up!


So what’s been going on lately that I’ve been feeling too tired and scatterbrained to actually get around to posting about?

Work going away happy hours.

Work going away happy hours.

20 mile runs.

20 mile runs.

Bridal showers.

Bridal showers.



So yeah, a busy life…but a pretty amazing life.


7 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. running4beer

    Don’t worry, everything seems to have a way of working out.

    Congrats on the new job!! I can’t wait to hear how your marathon goes. It’s coming up soon!


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