FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 10/7 – 10/20

Guess what’s back?! I’m resurrecting the weekly workouts posts, although these past two weeks have been boring — yet again. But I ran for the first time since the marathon (more on that below) and am signed up for some spin classes over the next few weeks! Hoping to get back to a yoga class… Continue reading FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 10/7 – 10/20

Race recap: 2013 Twin Cities Marathon

Race morning was pretty typical: alarm at 5:30, breakfast cookie and coffee. My father-in-law drove J, KK and I to the start where we met up with John and Stef. I dropped my bag with the GOTR SoleMates folks and headed outside. It was somewhere around 48 degrees at race time and really, very pleasant!… Continue reading Race recap: 2013 Twin Cities Marathon

Here we go!

Earlier today, the hubs and I headed to the TCM Expo with KK and Corry and picked up our race packets. If you don’t already know, I absolutely LOVE race expos and the Twin Cities one doesen’t disappoint. However, I didn’t feel like there wasn’t anything TOO exciting this year, but I did get this… Continue reading Here we go!