Here we go!

Earlier today, the hubs and I headed to the TCM Expo with KK and Corry and picked up our race packets. If you don’t already know, I absolutely LOVE race expos and the Twin Cities one doesen’t disappoint. However, I didn’t feel like there wasn’t anything TOO exciting this year, but I did get this super cute necklace:


Oh, and I had to talk myself out of buying a really expensive/cute zip-up with the TCM logo on it.

Since we got home from the expo we’ve been relaxing and are planning on stroganoff (my traditional pre-race meal) for dinner. I started laying out my gear for tomorrow and read this oldie, but goodie blog post (a breakdown of the TCM course, mile by mile) and then will probably try and get to bed early.

Game plan for tomorrow is to be up by 5:30, arrive to the start by 7:15 a.m., drop my bag with the Girls on the Run SoleMates and then meet up with the 4:00 pace group. (Still going to try my best for sub-4 hours, but not feeling overly optimistic about it.)

Here’s what I’ll be wearing:


Still deciding between Stride shorts or Rogas….

If you want to track me tomorrow, you can sign up using this link.

What should be my post-marathon meal? I’m thinking Mexican food…

Side note: This week my athlete profile went up on the Oiselle website! I can’t wait to get my photo switched out to one of me in my racing kit.


8 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. Julia B.

    I hope your race is going well! Today was absolutely perfect for racing!! Mexican is a great post-race meal. My favorite is the enchilada platter at Salsa a la Salsa in the Midtown Global Market.


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