Setting some goals

Soooooo now that the marathon is over, what’s next? I’ve decided to set some goals to keep me motivated over the next few months:

Run 20 races in 2013

As part of my #13in2013 challenge, I’m up to 17 races for the year and would love to make it 20 total by the time we ring in the New Year. Next up? The Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K.

Set some new PRs

No marathons for me in 2014, so I’m planning to shift my focus to improving my 5K time and build up to a spring half marathon. Although, a recent email from a friend may have shifted my plans to running a half as soon as February 🙂

Quality cross training 

No more excuses. Since I’m not running for hours on end every week anymore, I am planning to make cross training a priority to get strong and keep myself healthy. I’m planning to focus on weight training, swimming, spinning and yoga.

Get certified

My personal training certification test is a little over a month away. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t been able to devote as much time to studying as I should be…but I’m buckling down over the next month and will go into the test as prepared as I can!

What are your fall/winter goals?


3 thoughts on “Setting some goals

  1. Andrea

    Fall goal: Run 2 half marathons ;). Been thinking ahead to races for next year though, so that will probably determine some winter training goals.

  2. katielookingforward

    I’m signed up for (not trained for) the monster dash half! After that I want to start going to crossfit! The closest box is about an hour away, but I want to try it out and see how I like it. Plus, I think its a good way to potentially make new friends!

  3. erin

    I can’t believe you’ve ran 17 races so far this year! That.Is.Amazing. Excited to run the GOTR 5k with you!

    You will be ready for the that cert test! I want to pick your brain about it when we get together 🙂


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