FAB Foods: current go-to recipes

We had a pretty low-key actual night of our anniversary. I had come down with a cold so we stayed in and I made dinner, we had some champagne and watched the end of Zero Dark Thirty. Romantic.

Speaking of making dinner, I feel like all we’ve been doing lately is going out to eat, so I’m making an effort to really get back into meal planning. So I thought I’d share some of my current go-to recipes with you!

Chicken Gyro Sliders: these are the cutest things. The “buns” are Trader Joe’s mini pitas and the homemade tzatziki sauce makes these sooooo good.

Chicken Pad Thai: I love Lee’s recipe for pad thai. I’ve tried tons of other pad thai recipes but this one is not only delicious, but it can totally be thrown together quickly. It’s also versatile. I’ll made it with tofu, scrambled egg, shrimp — you name it.

Goat Cheese, Carmelized Onion and Spinach Quesadilla: goat cheese makes anything better. Plus, the hubby LOVES these. Using extra spinach and whole wheat tortillas makes this almost guilt-free.

Pulled Pork Taquitos (with Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce): These are sinfully delicious and I have to remind myself that “moderation is key” when I make these. The pork is SO juicy and you want to put that Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce on everything. Plus, I love that it’s a crock pot recipe!

Tilapia Tacos: Again — I love the homemade sauces! This is greek yogurt based and is SO good. And normally, I’m scared to cook fish, but this recipe makes it easy.

BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad: I got my husband to request salad with this one! This is a great summertime recipe, making the sweet corn and chicken on the grill, but you could totally make it in the winter on the stove top, too.

Do you have any recipes that I should add to my rotation?


One thought on “FAB Foods: current go-to recipes

  1. andrea1626

    Those sound yummy! I’m hoping to do more cooking this winter so I can teach myself to be a better cook. Might have to give some of these a try!


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