Fun Run Recap: Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K

I had been crossing my fingers for no rain so I was thrilled to wake up to dry skies and a zero percent chance of precipitation for the next few hours. For my outfit, I settled on capris, my Oiselle singlet and arm warmers and a headband. After a Picky Bar and some coffee, I… Continue reading Fun Run Recap: Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K

[New Post] I ran two days in a row!!!!!!!

Can you feel the excitement? Well, if you can’t, let me tell you — I’m pretty gosh darn excited. And I think I just used up my exclamation mark quota for the year. After being pretty sedentary for the past month, last weekend I got off my butt and have started easing back into running. Saturday: 3.04… Continue reading [New Post] I ran two days in a row!!!!!!!

Currently survey

Current Book I just finished re-reading Catching Fire in anticipation of seeing the movie next week! Current Music Truthfully? Obsessed with Miley these days. Embarrassing, I know. And also really excited for the new Jeremy Messersmith album. Current Guilty Pleasure Gel manicures. A vicious, vicious cycle that I can’t quit. Current Nail Color I have… Continue reading Currently survey

Wedding weekend

My friend Ashley’s wedding weekend kicked off with her zombie bride-themed bachelorette last Thursday (fitting, since it was on Halloween night). Andrea even made her famous dessert: Unfortunately, I had an early client meeting on Friday morning so had to miss out on the later evening festivities. But it was still a lot of fun. Then,… Continue reading Wedding weekend