Wedding weekend

My friend Ashley’s wedding weekend kicked off with her zombie bride-themed bachelorette last Thursday (fitting, since it was on Halloween night). Andrea even made her famous dessert:

"eyeball" truffles.
“eyeball” truffles.


There was no pole dancing for this bunch.
There was no pole dancing for this bunch.

Unfortunately, I had an early client meeting on Friday morning so had to miss out on the later evening festivities. But it was still a lot of fun. Then, on Saturday, it was the big day!

Grad school friends!
Grad school friends, including the beautiful bride!

I was going to get my nails done and get a blow out, but I decided to save my money and make my gel manicure from a few weeks ago last one more day (and I even got a compliment on my nails!) and do my hair myself. I had already saved some cash by re-wearing this dress I bought and wore for a summer wedding. I threw a blazer over it, bought new shoes, bangles and a necklace ($30 total from Forever 21). Pretty proud of myself!


Besides all of the amazingness that was Ashley’s wedding, it was a pretty less-than-spectacular weekend. So on Sunday afternoon, I had some pie with a friend to cheer myself up…


…and then gave into the time change and went to bed at 8:30. Here’s to a (better) brand new week!

What are your low-budget fashion secrets?


10 thoughts on “Wedding weekend

  1. My low budget fashion ‘secrets’ are to buy most of my stuff on sale. Most of the shopping I do is online, so I just wait for things to go on sale, or when I’m browsing, I only look at the sale/clearance items. I will pay regular price for somethings, but these are generally pieces that are under £40 (about $60 USD). I also tend to buy a lot of classic pieces rather than trendy, that way I can wear them year after year. And I avoid Lululemon like the plague 🙂

  2. Looooove your outfit! That dress is fab, and your hair… I’d love to have your hair 🙂 My low-budget fashion secret… I usually buy one great dress a year and then wear it to all functions 🙂

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