Currently survey

Current Book

I just finished re-reading Catching Fire in anticipation of seeing the movie next week!

Current Music

Truthfully? Obsessed with Miley these days. Embarrassing, I know. And also really excited for the new Jeremy Messersmith album.

Current Guilty Pleasure

Gel manicures. A vicious, vicious cycle that I can’t quit.

Current Nail Color

I have no idea what it’s called, but I just got my nail color swapped out to this:


Current Drink

The Caribou Coffee Spicy Mocha!

Current Food

Crock pot pulled [insert meat name here] sandwiches. The latest was Iowa Girl Eats’ italian beef sandwiches and they were amazing.

Current Favorite Show

I don’t watch TV (besides sports) but I’ve tried giving some shows a shot — most recently, Revenge and American Horror Story. After giving up on those, my current fave show is Comedy Bang Bang (LOVE YOU REGGIE WATTS) and I can’t wait for Girls to return. I think I’m sensing a theme, here — I think thirty minute shows are good for my attention span.

Current Wish List

An indoor trainer for my bike and a happy, healthy holiday season for all of my family and friends!

Current Needs

An oil change and a massage (not necessarily in that order).

Current Indulgence

These — baked ’em over the weekend and swapped out the chocolate chips for Andes creme de menthe baking chips.

Current Blessing

My life. I’m pretty darn lucky to be healthy, have an amazing husband and family and so on. Can’t ever complain about that!

Current Outfit

These days I only take off my Oiselle Podium PJs when I need to a) wash them or b) go into public.


Current Excitement

Thanksgiving! Bring on the food and Black Friday shopping!

Tell me some of your currents in the comments!


16 thoughts on “Currently survey

  1. Andrea

    Love this! Here r a few of mine
    Current book: The Shoemaker’s Wife
    Current music: obsessed with Gavin DeGraw’s new album and the song We Were Us by Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert
    Current excitement: Running my 2nd half marathon & the holiday season.
    Current blessing: awesome family & friends!

  2. Mellissa

    Check out Vinylux by CND, it lasts almost a week and no need to use a light to “cure” it. Just the polish and topcoat and you can get both on Amazon. They have quite a few colors.

    1. hyedi Post author

      THANK YOU!! It’s on my list to start researching this — thanks for sending along the recommendation πŸ™‚

  3. Caitlin

    what a fun post! i have to read ‘catching fire’…i still haven’t read it and i have ‘mockingbird’ hanging out at home waiting for me to do so. the thing is i can’t seem to get off the hold list for the 2nd book at the lib and i don’t wanna buy it. #cheapbookwormproblems
    those oiselle PJs look SUPER COZY! give them to me.
    i love love love your nail color! it reminds me of wine πŸ˜› and i definitely want a massage sometime soon. my dad has a massage envy gift card he told me he’d never use so i think i might steal it. mua haha.

  4. erin

    LOVE this post! Definitely gonna have to do one of my currents, too πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great idea! Also, that nail polish color is fab! I definitely recommend a Kinetic Road Machine… just got a new one, and it’s pretty quiet and a cinch to use.

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