[New Post] I ran two days in a row!!!!!!!

Can you feel the excitement? Well, if you can’t, let me tell you — I’m pretty gosh darn excited. And I think I just used up my exclamation mark quota for the year.

After being pretty sedentary for the past month, last weekend I got off my butt and have started easing back into running.

Saturday: 3.04 miles in 31:51 (10:29 pace)

I met up with Andrea bright and early Saturday morning to get a few miles in. It was crisp with a pretty decent wind, but we warmed up quickly. I noticed right away that my legs weren’t necessarily happy and my left foot had the familiar twinge of my PF, but that all faded pretty quickly and I finished the run feeling great.

Sunday: 2.38 miles in 22:40 (9:32 pace)

I wasn’t planning on running again on Sunday, especially since I was actually a bit sore after Saturday’s run. But the sun was shining and the pup was practically begging me to go for a run. So I bundled up and we headed out. Almost immediately, I discovered that I had overdressed. While the air temp was pretty chilly, the sun (and my fast running companion) kept me nice and toasty.

I took Monday off as a rest day, but was back at it on Tuesday for a spin class.  Later, I noticed how funny and opposite the two posts I wrote that day were:





I feel like a high-intensity spin class first thing in the morning and an amazing burger later that evening balance each other out pretty nicely.

I’m looking forward to the Girls on the Run Twin Cities 5K this weekend and another spin class next week. Finding a new yoga studio is also on my to-do list!

How have you been keeping balanced lately?



2 thoughts on “[New Post] I ran two days in a row!!!!!!!

  1. Caitlin

    hahah i love those contrasting posts. now that is balance my friend! that’s like how i will tweet after an awesome workout and an hour later instagram a cocktail. hollaback.
    great job on two runs in a row. and then spin after rest! i bet it felt great to spin after a day off. always does for me!


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