FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 11/18 – 11/24

Tuesday: Spin

Tuesday morning’s spin class was a success:


There were fewer hills and more sprinting than the previous week and lots of turns which I felt in my arms and core the next day!

Saturday: 6.8 mile run in 1:05


When I left my house to meet the Kristens, it was seven degrees. I’m pretty  happy with my wardrobe decisions (tights, long sleeve with a zip up jacket and a hoodie, a hat and gloves) except my sock choice. I wore compression socks and my big toe was numb within minutes of starting our run and then painful shortly after. We ran around two of the Minneapolis lakes which was awesome (see photo above) and there were a surprising number of people out running, but on one side of one of the lakes, the wind was pretty wicked.

I’m really glad we decided to get out for that run, despite the bitter cold, because the rest of the day was spent eating and drinking…


…and cheering on the Gophers (who lost).

Sunday: Absolutely Arms

I felt like Sunday’s arms class was a bit easier than normal — I’m not sure if that means I’m finally getting my strength back, if I was doing something wrong, or it was just an easier class. But regardless, it was a good class and felt good to get moving!

I’m slowly working my way back up to working out at least five days a week which is what I’ve found makes me feel the best. I think it’s going to mean going back to working out in the mornings since I’ve found that I’m just not motivated to work out after work.

How were your workouts last week?

Do you work out in the AM or PM?

Do you like college football?


2 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 11/18 – 11/24

  1. Caitlin

    An all-arms class? Jealous! And how do you do turns in spinning? Does your gym have bikes that tilt right and left? If so, that is cool!
    That Bloody looks faaaantastic.


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