2013 Top Ten Gifts for Runners

Since my post from last year is still one of my highest viewed posts ever, I decided to do another list this year. (and yes, I know you’re probably so sick of seeing gift guides.)

In no particular order:

1.       Garmin (it’s making the list again this year): I have the Forerunner 10.


2.       Nuun is a great stocking stuffer!

3.       Bag for all of your gear. Oiselle has a cute one.

4.      Headphones: I have yurbuds and love them. I also saw these over at The Fitnessista on one of her gift guide lists for guys.

5.       Race entries: This time of year, entries for spring races are pretty inexpensive!

6.       Safety running accessories: reflective gear like reflective vest, headlamp, pepper spray, etc.  Or get your hands on some Knuckle Lights!

7.      Showerpill: These blew up in the blogosphere maybe a year ago — great for when you don’t have a lot of time to go from run/workout to work or your next event!

8.    Arm warmers: Great for transitioning from the weather of one season to the next!

9.    The Stick: Thanks to Kori, I now own one of these bad boys and it’s a great complement to my foam roller. And it’s called a ‘toothbrush for muscles.’ How cool is that?

10.   Gift cards: I’d recommend one to a local running store (Mpls peeps — Mill City Running), Oiselle, iTunes (for some new running playlist music)

This year, I also decided to include some other runners’ suggestions in addition to my own. Here they are, in their own words:

From Jen, a soon-to-be new mom:

My whole world is revolving around our newest addition. I’m looking for ways to get back in shape from several months off and ways to incorporate baby in the mix. First thing on my list is a jogging stroller. Other thing I’m looking for involve how to make it all work. So this book looked appealing, Run like a Mother, How to get moving and not lose your family, job, or sanity.  Or this DVD: Happy Baby Workout-New mom and baby fitness workout DVD.

Non baby related gifts I would recommend are a good foam roller- I LOVE my foam roller!, and a subscription to audible.com for unlimited audiobooks. While training for the marathon I realized I loved listening to books, made the time pass quicker, was able to zone out better, didn’t have the beat of faster or slower music to mess up my running pace. My library has some options but its not very user friendly and the selection is varied.

From Kristen, my marathon training buddy for life:

Fitbit (not really running specific, but health related!)
Winter running gear- new stuff inspires me to get out there and run!
Last year my fiance bought his dad an entry into Grandmas marathon for Christmas. He had been talking about how he wanted to do it, but didn’t know if he could— it was awesome! I would love it if someone did that for me (for a race i wanted to run :))
From Andrea, my destination-racing partner:

Something I don’t have yet but would love to get are compression socks and/or sleeves. I normally gravitate towards purple, but I kind of like these pink ones from Procompression. Or socks or sleeves in white or black so I could wear them with any running gear. I think they would really help with recovery as I continue to run longer distances.
Another thing that I just got and love is my new Malibu Hike Half Zip from Athleta. It’s a great layering piece for winter running. The main selling point for me is that it has cuffs to cover your hands for the beginning of the run when it’s cold and not have to wear gloves. (Of course gloves are still needed on some Minnesota days 🙂 ).
From Erin, my everything-fitness guru who is also an Iron[wo]man:
On my list: This Pearl Izumi running vest (in purple) for those warmer winter days in the 30s and 40s. A good pair of mittens because my fingers never stay warm in gloves. And, a new pair of running shoes 🙂
From Beth, one badass (and a new-mom) runner:
Money for coach or race entry
Energy bits gift card
Nature box
Roller stick
From Kate, my long-distance training friend who just ran her first marathon:
These are THE greatest lightweight tights, and they have super fun colors this season. They say they’re ideal for 40-65 degrees, which is perfect for spring/fall/winters in the South! They’re so comfy I’ve been known to sneak them into non-running situations, too. 🙂
From Kori, my speedy inspiration:
My friend raves about her Brooks arm warmers- I’d love those or Oiselle for transition weather or an extra arm layer. Otherwise, I love my Newton Distance U’s! The soft bottom keeps me in good form- I’ll wear them out too fast with bad form!
What would you add?

10 thoughts on “2013 Top Ten Gifts for Runners

  1. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    Great lists! I would add books about running, or at least a subscription to a running magazine. Knowledge is power, and for me, educating myself on running and all aspects of it has positively impacted my whole running practice.

    A must-have is the new Runner’s World cookbook, it’s amazing!!!! I’ve made about 5 recipes and they’ve all been delicious, and the introduction is full of nutrition and food information, a definite bonus considering many people don’t know enough about food.

    1. hyedi Post author

      That’s a great suggestion! I agree — educating myself on running has made a HUGE difference and is so interesting!

  2. Shawn @ Fruity 'N' Nutty

    I’m definitely not sick of looking at gift guides yet. 😀 This is quite an awesome list! I already have the garmin and yurbuds, wouldn’t mind receiving any of the other things on the list either. 😛 Thanks so much for the ideas, although I might not be able to get everything here since I don’t live in the US, I can still find something similar. 🙂 Happy holidays to you Hyedi!


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