Feeling festive


I have mixed feelings about winter. Unlike a lot of people around here, I don’t hate it, but there are definitely aspects that I could do without. Like having to dig my car out of the snow. Or icy/scary driving conditions. But I think snow is pretty and I like living in a place that has four distinct seasons. And things like my Sorel furry boots, or my YakTrax for running, or hot drinks with booze, make winter in Minnesota a little bit more bearable. And fun weekends like the one I just had prove that you can totally enjoy the season instead of hibernating all winter long.




Andrea had won a pair of backstage passes to the Guthrie at the Girls on the Run silent auction. We got some breakfast at Caribou, before heading over to the theater for the tour.


The tour was super interesting! I’ve seen four shows at the Guthrie, but realized I had never seen anything on their bigger, main stage. We also got to see the costume shop, rehearsal space and where they build the sets. We’re already plotting which show we’re going to see next.

Side note: I absolutely love the Guthrie. The Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party was held there and we did our wedding photos there also!



After the tour, I had a hair appointment (photos of that later) and then went to my friend Allie’s holiday party! It definitely put me in the festive, holiday spirit. And it was fun to catch up with some college friends.


…and to finally meet her adorable little Zissou!



Woke up and headed to Absolutely Arms with Mandy and Andrea. Good class and was nice to be warm and inside since it had started snowing again outside.

After getting home and eating some lunch, it was time for Jack’s birthday party! He turned two last week.



Busy weekend is now being followed by a busy week. Lots of dinner and happy hour plans with friends, traveling for work, ’tis the season!

How was your weekend? Do you like winter? If not, how do you cope? 


8 thoughts on “Feeling festive

  1. Amy

    I like snow, and cold is ok during Christmastime, but on January 1st, I want it to be warm again! We’re having a really weird year this year though, and we’ve been getting some really cold days which we’re not really used to. We actually have a layover in a couple of weeks in Minneapolis (I’ll wave at you from the plane!), and I’m hoping we don’t get snowed in! Stay warm!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Haha — I agree. Snow and cold makes it feel like Christmas. But I don’t need it after the holidays are over! Crossing my fingers for good weather for you while at MSP. Enjoy the airport — lots of yummy places to eat in the airport (including a new fro-yo place!).

  2. Julia B.

    I don’t mind snow as long as it is cleared off the roads right away- I get too tense driving otherwise! I’d prefer it be no colder than 15 degrees ever. So jealous of your backstage tour at the Guthrie. I saw Peer Gynt there a few years ago and it is amazing what they can do with the stage.

    1. hyedi Post author

      Agreed! I started at a new job recently and have a 45 minute commute. My neck/shoulders have been so tense by the time I arrive!

  3. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    I miss winter!!!!! Living in Scotland we get spring/fall raininess about 8 months of the year, and I’m used to Minnesota-like winters coming from Winnipeg. I also have a pair of Sorels that get taken out when the snow comes, even if there’s only 1 cm. We live 6 miles from the coast, so despite some parts of the country getting a lot of snow, we barely get any 😦

  4. erin

    Ohmygosh… Zissou! Holy cuteness! 🙂

    I love Minnesota’s season changes and usually winter, but dang, this sub-zero garbage is awful. Temps in the high 20s + 30s along with some snow… perfect!


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