FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 12/16 – 12/22

In case you missed my announcement, I’m super excited to be working with Coach Kevin Granato of Granato Racing. For the last two weeks and this upcoming week, Coach had all easy runs on the schedule for me as I’m just trying to ease my way back into running and start working towards building a solid base.

Monday – 30 minute easy run (9:20 pace)

When I don’t work from home, the commute to and from work is at least 45 minutes each way and there was snow on Monday. So I knew it might be pretty late when I got home and by that time I’m be super hangry, so I got my run in before work. The 30 minutes went by quickly on the treadmill.

Tuesday – 30 minute easy run (9:19 pace)

For years now, winter running for me has meant escaping the elements AND a treadmill by heading to the Metrodome for Minnesota Distance Running Association’s (MDRA) $1 Dome Running. Since the Viking’s are getting a new stadium, this is the last year for Dome Running and Tuesday was my last chance to take advantage of it.

I don’t go very often because my knees don’t love running on that kind of terrain but it’s a good winter running option and it’s fun to see the local elites there or just the fast runners who run on the inside circle.


Garmins and GPS in general don’t work too well inside of the Metrodome, so you have to use other methods to figure out your distance/pace:


Wednesday – REST DAY

I spent the night making my contribution for my work holiday potluck. Did a little foam rolling and stretching.

Thursday – 30 minutes indoor trainer

Before work, I tested out the indoor trainer. Luckily for me, time flew by because I caught the end of Saved by the Bell and the beginning of an episode of Buffy. Oh, how I missed Buffy. And I’ll be honest — I was a little nervous that I’d start pedaling and would tip over or something would explode, but it seemed to be set up correctly!


It was a fun day at work because we had our holiday potluck — complete with bubbly, an amazing spread of delicious food, holiday trivia and a fun white elephant gift exchange.


Then, after work Thursday night was a lot of fun. I can’t believe I stayed out until midnight on a week night. Who am I? I only do these sorts of things when my BFF Rose is in town from LA!


Friday – REST DAY

Rose, Mandy, Jen and I went out to catch up over dinner and pie! We all lived together in college and it’s always a lot of fun when we get together.

Saturday – 45 minute easy run (9:21 pace)

A balmy 20 degrees called for an outdoor run. KK met me for a nice 4.81 mile run on the amazingly clear running path! It was like a night and day difference from the last time I ran outside and it was definitely apparent in my pace.

Before my run, I met Ashley and Andrea for brunch and we got to hear all about Ashley’s honeymoon in Aruba! After my run, the hubs and I ran some errands (one of which was dropping $200 at the liquor store. Whatevs.) and then we went to the Blue Door Pub to get something to eat and stumbled upon a Surly Tap Takeover! I went with my trusty Cynic, but wish I would’ve tried a different brew:


Sunday – REST DAY

After a weekend full of eggnog and frequenting restaurants, I considered getting in 30 minutes on the trainer but my schedule called for a rest day and I decided to stick to it. Instead, I spent the day relaxing, watching football and applying for a car loan! I might be getting a new car for myself for Christmas. Fingers crossed!

Weekly totals:

Run / Total time – 1:45 / Total distance – 11.2 miles

Cross training / Total time – 30 minutes

This upcoming week is my final week of base building sans speed workouts. Starting next week, I see tempo surges and some speed work!

Tell me about your workouts from the past week!

Do you like eggnog? (I do only if I don’t think about what’s in it.)


2 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 12/16 – 12/22

  1. erin

    So glad you got your trainer up and running! Having it in front of the TV definitely makes it pass faster… and, even better with Saved by the Bell and Zach Morris on 🙂 That cheese ball sounds amazing!

    Eggnog… have you tried it from Autumnwood Farms?! I’ve never liked eggnog, but theirs is delicious! Picking up some to bring home for Christmas!

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family, friend!

    1. hyedi Post author

      Mmm, no I haven’t tried Autumnwood Farms. Will have to look for it next year! Happy holidays to you, too 🙂


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