FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 1/20 – 1/26

Monday: One mile tempo

This run went well until my cool down. I started with a 20 minute warm up at 9:33 pace and one mile at tempo pace (8:27) I started my cool down at 9:22 pace but right away my stomach started acting up and after five minutes I decided to walk to uh, avoid any….accidents. I finished my workout by walking the rest of the cool down.

Tuesday: 30 minutes indoor trainer

After work, I met the lovely Tanya for tea at Verdant Tea, a new-ish tea room in Minneapolis that I had been wanting to try out. Since I’ve successfully weaned myself off of caffeine (at the suggestion of my doc since my migraines have been so bad lately) I went with a Chai Rooibos with almond milk — delish!


When I got home, I ate dinner and then it was cross training time on the indoor trainer while watching The Mindy Project. I am SO SAD that it’s not going to be back on until April 1. I LOVE DANNY CASTELLANO!

Wednesday: 40 minutes easy run (9:27 pace)

Nothing much to say about this one — I felt tired during the run, but it went well overall.

Thursday: 1×1 mile

This went surprisingly well, though not executed quite as I had planned. I ended up running my mile a bit faster (7:42) than Coach had as my target pace and after my warm up I was supposed to do some drills but because I was stuck on an indoor mini-track that was pretty crowded, I just went from my warm up right into my mile. Then, I forgot to walk after my mile and went straight to the cool down. Oops. I’ll get it right next time.

Friday: REST DAY

Friday was my work holiday party. After work I treated myself to a blow out at Blast Blow Dry Bar:


After my hair appointment, I finished getting ready and then the hubs and I headed downtown to the Prohibition Bar on the 27th floor of the Foshay Tower. I love that place — delicious cocktails, yummy food and a great view:


And then of course there was an after party! Lemon Ricotta pancakes at Hell’s Kitchen, obvi:


Saturday: One hour easy run REST DAY

I woke up feeling surprisingly good after my late night out and met Andrea at the MOA to do a little shopping for some new work clothes. I have a work trip coming up and it’s some place warm and I realized my warm-weather work wardrobe could use a couple of new pieces.

After my 1×1 on Thursday night, my calves had been protesting — big time. At one point I woke up in the middle of the night Friday night to go to the bathroom and when I got up, my eyes welled up with tears because my calves hurt so bad. I’ve been rolling and trying to loosen them up, but since it feels eerily familiar to when my PF and other issues started flaring up, I decided to take the weekend off from running. I think a professional massage this week might be in order.

This week all I want is to be able to run outside again.

Do you like tea? What kinds are your favorite?

Did you have a holiday party where you work? Was it fun?



6 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: weekly workouts 1/20 – 1/26

  1. andrea1626

    A rest day on Saturday was perfectly acceptable considering we walked around MOA for 2 hours. 😉 I’m not a big tea person, but I like to have it every now and then. I usually like it when I have a sore throat and want something hot. I like flavors like peppermint.

  2. erin

    I’ve heard great things about Verdant and must try it out soon (I think Birchwood is doing a pop-up brunch there while they’re closed for the remodel?)! Good for you for listening to your body and resting 🙂 Jealous of your upcoming warmer weather trip! The #polarvortex is brutal!

  3. Jess

    Hi Hyedi,
    I’m not sure how I happened upon your blog, but I am so happy to have a Minneapolis blogger to follow! I blog at http://www.therightfits.com, mostly about running, but also a little bit about fitness fashion, and Minneapolis. Looking forward to following along with your training! And the pics of the dogs are great 🙂


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