First trimester recap (week by week)

I plan to give some regular pregnancy updates on the blog, starting with this recap of the first trimester, but I promise I will do my best not to overshare. (I say “do my best” because you and I might have different definitions of what constitutes oversharing.) I want to share a certain level of detail because reading others’ blogs has been really helpful to me over the past few months. Alright, here we go. Warning: this is extremely long. And it probably goes without saying, but if pregnancy stuff just isn’t of interest to you, skip this post!

Week 4 – December 31, 2013

We were heading out for dinner before having friends over for New Year’s Eve. It was still early (3 days before I was supposed to get my period), but I decided to take a HPT before we left. I was sick with a cold so wasn’t planning on drinking very much that evening anyways, but thought I’d better check. I POAS and when my iPhone timer went off, to my surprise, I thought I saw a very faint second line! I gave it another minute and sure enough, a very faint positive! Super excited, but also very cautious (I had a miscarriage earlier in the year), I called the hubs to give him the good news right away. He matched my enthusiasm/cautious optimism and I spent the rest of the day feeling pretty giddy. New Year’s Eve came and went and I had my sip of champagne at midnight and headed to bed.

Overall this week I feel pretty much normal. Just a little run down feeling, but nothing extreme. I also notice that I wasn’t experiencing any abdominal cramping like I did with my first pregnancy.

Week 5

I made an appointment with my primary care doctor to see if I could get some blood work done to make sure my HCG levels were where they should be. I absolutely love my doctor and my appointment turned into her telling me about her pregnancy and labor/delivery experiences, answering my questions and reassuring me that my previous miscarriage had no effect on this pregnancy. It was such a wonderful appointment that we didn’t even end up doing the blood work. After the appointment, I decided to give my mom the good news. She, of course, was ecstatic!

Running was tough this week. I’m feeling more fatigued in the evenings and having a harder time getting out of bed to get any workouts done in the morning. But no other symptoms to speak of.

Week 6

Definitely noticing more symptoms this week but they are still pretty mild. Running also seemed easier this week. I even got in a 7:42 minute mile in some of the speed work Coach had me doing. Took my first “bump” pic, too — nothing, yet!


Week 7

Oh, hello symptoms! They show up out of nowhere. I am feeling tired, tired, tired and the bloating has gotten out of control. I also have my first prenatal appointment at a new clinic which is basically consisting of a pregnancy confirmation and the physician’s assistant sharing information about healthy pregnancy. She also does some lab work, answers my questions and gets me scheduled for my first ultrasound!

Week 8

The highlight of the week is FOR SURE our first ultrasound! As instructed, I go in with a full bladder, but still end up needing a vaginal ultrasound (totally normal this early on). The less-than-friendly ultrasound technician lets us know that “baby” is tracking at 7 weeks and four days, not the 8 weeks and one day the due date calculators had calculated. This makes sense. I had been doing fertility tracking before we got pregnant and I was pretty sure that I ovulated a few days later than what the due date calculators go off of. The doctor follows up later in the week to confirm that everything looked great. Baby’s heart rate is 160 which is normal and good. Very exciting!


Week 8 part deux

With my new due date of September 13, I reach the 8 week mark (again). This week  I’m slacking on getting in my exercise. Every time I think about going for a run or even a walk, I feel like a nap would be so much better.

Cravings come on strong this week and all I want is fresh fruit, fruit and fruit. Also, (“fruit”) snacks, salt and vinegar chips and salads (with fruit) sound amazing right now. After the positive ultrasound, the hubs and I start talking about telling a few close friends and our immediate families.

Week 9

On Monday I flew to Anaheim for a work trip. Luckily, my energy feels like it’s returning somewhat. But since traveling already makes me feel ill normally, I felt pretty awful during the days where I had to fly and am absolutely exhausted when I get back to MSP after midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning. But the trip was wonderful (80 degrees and sunny).

Week 10

So thankful that my mom is staying with me this week while the hubs is out of town. We get another six inches of snow and since it would take me FOR-ever to shovel since I get so out of breath so easily, my mom is helping me out with shoveling duties and cleaning up around the house since I haven’t really cleaned in weeks. Symptoms are pretty much the same (used the hair tie trick for the first time to button my jeans) and cravings are also still the same.

Week 11

SO TIRED AGAIN. WTF. I sleep all day on Sunday and also somehow manage to pick up a cold. Wonderful. I don’t think I ever realized how reliant I could be on DayQuil to get me through the work day.

On Monday we had our first official prenatal visit and it started off a little shaky. Traffic was awful and then the clinic assistant takes my blood pressure. Instead of telling me what it is, she’s obviously frustrated about something and then writes something down and tells me she has to take it again. After the second time, she sighs and asks me if I was nervous because it was really high for someone who is pregnant. (Um, no not nervous. But now I am, thank you very much.)

But the appointment quickly turns a corner because I absolutely love the doctor. She’s a family practice doc whose mom is a certified nurse midwife and who supports natural birth and can perform water births. She has two young children and had doulas at both of her births. She also has a brother who was adopted from South Korea.

After she patiently answers all of my questions, she does a quick physical, goes over my lab results from my first visit and then it’s show time! She gets out the hand held doppler and goes to work to find a heartbeat. As she tries for what feels like an eternity to locate it, I feel myself getting nervous. And like she is reading my mind, she said “it sometimes takes a little while to find something the size of a pencil eraser!” And not two seconds later, there it was. The sound of a perfect heartbeat! It was around 180 bpm and she said it sounded nice and strong. I also learned that I gained two pounds so far. Right on track.

Other milestones this week:

I bought my first pair of maternity pants at 4 a.m. during my new found bouts with insomnia! Yipee. I also bought this:


My first prenatal yoga class. Loved it!

My first absolutely effed up pregnancy dream. I originally was going to include a synopsis but then deleted it for fear of what you all would think of me.

Weeks 12 and 13

My energy feels like it’s returning this week. On Wednesday, we have our ultrasound and blood work done for the Down Syndrome screening. (This is a completely optional screening that we decided to do.) This experience is completely different than the first one — the gel is warm and the technician is so kind and very thorough in explaining everything he is looking at. When our baby first appeared on the monitor, I noticed it was facing downwards. In all of my baby blog stalking, I had not seen this before, so I was a little worried at first, but the technician explained that our baby was sleeping (aw!) and basically assumes all sorts of positions in there to get comfy. He had to get just the right angle, so he asked me to cough and see if we could wake baby up. I felt so bad but also wanted to see our baby awake! It took a little while but baby eventually woke up and was moving around like crazy! The technician took tons of photos and said that he no concerns, as far as the ultrasound was concerned. We’ll get the blood test results back in a week, but we’re feeling good about everything. One thing we learned though is that the baby is now measuring back at my original due date which means I could be a little further along than we thought. I know that in the long run, a few days doesn’t make a big difference — especially when it comes to when I’ll actually have the baby, but now it feels like such a psychological thing since it a few days means whether I’m technically out of the first trimester already or not.


So with that extra reassurance, we decided to start telling the rest of our friends and family and I shared the news at work (with cupcakes, of course) and that has been a lot of fun. We even did a little of shopping a couple of weekends ago. It wasn’t easy, but we refrained from buying anything besides one outfit (for nursery theme inspiration).


The bump showed up at the end of week 12!

Today – somewhere between 13.5 and 14 weeks

No matter the due date I’m going by, I’ve officially entered the second trimester! Overall, the first trimester has mainly been a lot of intense fatigue like I’ve never experienced. For the past couple of months, I basically had the same routine each day: 1) finally make it through the work day 2) lay on the couch until 3) it was a socially acceptable time to go to bed. BUT I am extremely lucky — morning sickness hasn’t been an issue yet for me. However, because of the fatigue, it’s felt nearly impossible for me to keep up my fitness regimen. And my migraines made a reappearance for a couple of weeks right away in the beginning. So I’m especially happy to say that my energy is slowly coming back — the last two weeks I actually made my goal of working out at least three times per week. More to come on what my workouts have been looking like!

We’re starting to plan our babymoon! Any suggestions? (Think: budget-friendly, good food, relaxing-destinations) 

(Also, I apologize for all of the switching back and forth between past and present tense. I gave up trying to make it consistent. Hopefully you aren’t confused.)


6 thoughts on “First trimester recap (week by week)

  1. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    Very informative Hyedi! And definitely the longest post you’ve written, that I’ve ever read 😉

    Hope your pregnancy continues to go well: compared to my sister-in-law’s and friends who have all had morning sickness well into the halfway point. Looking forward to more of these posts.

    p.s. My email subscription to your blog is totally gone, and I can’t sign up again because there’s nothing on your blog to allow it. Has anything changed with your blog recently?

    1. hyedi Post author

      Hey! I looked into this when you had tweeted me about it, but can’t figure out what’s going on. I’ll ask a couple of people who know WordPress better than I do to see if they know! Nothing has changed, that I know of!


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