Keeping myself in check (in more ways than one)

First things, first: Marie was the winner of the Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt giveaway!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.38.35 AM

Marie, please email me at hyedi [dot] nelson [at] gmail [dot] com. Congrats!

First up — keeping my health in check: So if you read my impossibly long first trimester recap, you might have picked up on the fact that I wasn’t a huge fan of the first trimester. And I’m well aware that compared to some, I had it pretty easy. I felt nauseated just a handful of times and that was bad enough. I can’t imagine ’round the clock morning sickness. But what I found interesting was that even though being pregnant made me want to take even better care of myself than ever before, the first trimester made my good intentions really challenging. True, I did crave (and indulge) in fresh fruit like nobody’s business, but I also had a few too many bagels and cream cheese and salt and salt and vinegar chips and so on. Also true, I have given up all caffeine (totally personal choice, I know that 100-200 mg/day is considered safe during pregnancy) but I also have rekindled my love affair with ginger ale. Because going out to eat and just ordering water when everyone else is drinking beer, wine and cocktails isn’t that much fun. And then there was ALL THE SLEEPING. I’ve never slept so much during my life (except, of course I assume, when I was a newborn myself) which I obviously needed, but it kept me from exercising which is good for me (and baby) both mentally and physically. But the first trimester is over and I think I came out of it having made mostly good decisions. And now I’m eating more salads and watching my carb intake, drinking lots of water and getting running, walking, light strength training and yoga back into my routine.


Out for a run with the pup!

In addition to my health, lately I’ve been working on keeping my spending in check. So far I think I’ve done OK. In the past 14 weeks, I’ve purchased:

Some reading material.


A few maternity pieces (also not pictured here, a pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy). (These four items shown below all cost less than $100 total with free shipping!)


Stretch mark oil:


And also unpictured are my prenatal vitamins, one baby outfit, one amazingly comfortable nursing bra and one issue of Fit Pregnancy. Oh, and a 10-pack of prenatal yoga classes!

Finally, I have to share some super fun gifts I’ve received. Kate sent me Preggatinis so I can enjoy fun and fancy non-alcoholic drinks over the next six or so months and Jen sent me the super cute The Belly Book which is a journal/scrapbook to document all of the fun (and not-so-fun) memories of being pregnant!



Historically, my knee jerk reaction to many big life events has been to respond in extreme ways. And often times, that doesn’t work out so well for me in the long run. And even though having a baby is perhaps one of the biggest life-changing events, I’m trying really hard to take a balanced approach in embracing all of the changes. One example: we’re making an effort to only tackle one or two big projects at a time, like researching daycare options and picking a wall color for the nursery, so we don’t get overwhelmed. I know that as “go time” gets closer, things might change, but for now I’m feeling surprisingly calm and confident about everything. And most importantly, very excited!

How do you typically approach or respond to major life events?

How do you keep yourself in check?


6 thoughts on “Keeping myself in check (in more ways than one)

  1. katielookingforward

    I write lists like a crazy person when I’m stressed. sometimes they are helpful…othertimes….well, writing isn’t doing. but if I can’t sleep before bed I do allow writing, it helps me work through whatever it is I can’t seem to say or do.

    1. Alexa

      Can I ask where you got those cute shirts? I’m needing more maternity shirts myself, my selection from last time doesn’t look as good now that I pull it out. Guess I really got my use out of them!

  2. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    First of all, I eceved this post as an email, my subscription is working again! As for major life changes, I take time adjusting to changes, so I would react a bit stressed and anxious until I really wrapped whatever the change was around my head. This is depending on the change obviously, but knowing myself, I would be like this with a major life change. Like yourself, in some ways, I also dive into the deep end with things too much. We’re looking to buy a house, and I went house-hunting crazy and it wasn’t enjoyable. WE’ve since decided to stay where we are and save a few more thousand pounds. Go figure!
    p.s. I like your long posts 🙂

    1. hyedi Post author

      Yay! I’m glad it’s working again. And thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m proud of myself for fixing it!


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