FAB Fitness: 14 weeks (weekly workouts)

Monday: Prenatal yoga

Wednesday: .97 mile walk

Sometime on Tuesday I started getting a headache and I’m pretty sure it didn’t go away until Thursday morning, but it never ventured into migraine territory (thank goodness) but my plans to run after work turned into a brief walk with the hubs and pup instead.

Saturday: 4 mile run (9:44 pace)

The weather took another turn for the worst (temps dropped significantly below freezing) so I hit the gym for my Saturday run. I was planning to run three miles and even though I didn’t feel the greatest going into this, I ended up deciding to tack on an additional mile because I was feeling so good. Basketball on the treadmill TV helped pass the time and the Chipotle the husband had waiting for me at home also was a nice incentive to turn up the pace and get this run in the books!

Sunday: 2.28 mile walk

This winter has not just been hard on us, I think it’s been hard on our furry friends as well. We try to still keep up with walks and trips to the dog park, but our dog also just doesn’t seem to be feeling it when it’s SO cold outside. So I bundled up and took Cole along for my walk.


I wish I would have gotten that run in earlier in the week, but I’m not sweating it even though Shamrock Shuffle is this Sunday! I’m heading to Chicago with Andrea for the weekend and excited to be running on the Chicago Oiselle team. Crossing my fingers for good weather!

Not too much new on the pregnancy front. I didn’t even take a bump pic this week because I don’t feel like much has changed. I have been craving red meat lately though, so thinking I might be lacking enough iron in my diet. Other than that, heading to my monthly prenatal appointment later this morning — I can’t believe the next appointment will be the halfway mark!

Is anyone else racing this weekend?


2 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: 14 weeks (weekly workouts)

  1. Danielle @ I Eat Therefore I Run

    Good luck with your race! The more I hear about them, especially now that Kara Goucher is one of their girls, the more I’m so envious of you running for them. They have such nice stuff! And Lauren Fleshman rocks.

    Let me recommend brisket, slow cooked, to help with the iron deficiency. That, and dark green vegetables, (we had grilled purple kale last night with coconut oil, it was incredible!)

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thank you! I’m SO EXCITED about Kara! I didn’t think it could get any better after they signed LF.

      Mmm, brisket sounds amazing and good call on the dark, green veggies. Did you just sautee the kale?


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