FAB Fitness: 19 weeks (weekly workouts) + Get in Gear 5K race recap

If you missed my Boston mini-recap, check it out here!

Monday: Walking around Boston (9,501 steps)

Marathon Monday! I was pretty wiped out (and had a headache all day) from walking around so much on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday: Walking around Boston (16,238 steps)


More sight-seeing, making our way from our hotel in Chelsea to the South End and then the North End and then back to the hotel again. I slept really well Tuesday night!

Wednesday: Traveling and airport walking (10,907 steps)

We flew out of Boston at 1 p.m. so we didn’t do any sight-seeing, but J and I made sure to get in a 30-minute walk in the Atlanta airport which definitely helped me get to my 10,000 step goal!

Thursday: Rest day

Thursday was back to work after being out of the office all week. We had a doctor appointment and celebrated J’s birthday with Mexican food.

Friday: 3.5 mile walk (12,925 steps)


Packet pick up for Get in Gear just so happens to be in the same park as one of my favorite summer restaurants, Sea Salt, so my friend Liz came over and we walked from my house to the park. I picked up my packet, we got some shrimp tacos and then walked home. What a perfect evening — I CAN’T WAIT FOR SUMMER!

Saturday: Get in Gear 5K – 31:58 (16,394 steps)


Well today’s race might be the beginning of the end as far as my running is concerned — well, while being pregnant, anyways. The round ligament pain that showed up earlier in the week made the first part of the race mildly uncomfortable and then my back started seizing up during the last mile or so. I’m going to try and run/walk as long as it feels good and make an effort to get to yoga more consistently, but if running continues to be this unpleasant, I might stick to walking from here on out. Sniff sniff.


Sunday: Rest Day

Saturday night we were at my in-laws, celebrating the fact that my father-in-law is now cancer-free! We spent the night there and drove home on Sunday morning in the pouring rain. Once we got home, I took a little nap and then went with my friend Jen to start my baby registry! She’s a new mom and it was so helpful just to get anything and everything we might possibly want onto a registry so then J and I can whittle it down and shop around for better deals as we decide where we for sure want to register. After that, I caught up on some housework and called it a night.

I’m really happy with the amount of physical activity I was able to get in this week, but the trick will be keeping it up — especially with the round ligament pain making things less than pleasant. But if it doesn’t get any worse, it’ll be manageable. I also have access to a pool so I might try and add lap swimming to my workout routine. If only the weather would get (and stay) nice so I could go on more outdoor walks! Wearing my Fitbit again has been really motivating, as well as upping my weekly workout Pact.

What are your favorite workouts (besides running?)


9 thoughts on “FAB Fitness: 19 weeks (weekly workouts) + Get in Gear 5K race recap

    1. hyedi Post author

      Thanks, Emily! You’re sweet 🙂 I may have to check out Barre3 because I’ve been hearing so much about those workouts!

  1. Shelly

    I’m trying to find workouts to do at home when it’s gross outside. Nothing seems to sound as fun and exciting as running or walking outside! And forget about going to the gym! I like Jessica Smith TV’s YouTube workouts, but they still don’t get me as excited to exercise as heading outside on a sunshiney day.

  2. Jessica

    You look adorable. If you’re considering workouts to do at home, think about picking up some kettlebells. You can do SO much with them! I need to pull my Fitbit out again too. I’ve been doing a lot more walking lately, and it definitely makes a difference.

  3. Amy

    Boston and Cancer-free is a lot of celebration for one week! And that is a fabulous 5-K time for someone carrying around an extra person! Congratulations! Hopefully you’ll get to continue running. Round ligament pain doesn’t sound like fun times at all.

  4. erin

    I’m SO glad to hear your father-in-law is cancer-free… cause for huge celebration! And, congrats on the Get in Gear! Hope the round ligament pain goes away… boo 😦

  5. Amy B

    I think it’s awesome you’ve been able to run to this point. I didn’t do much during my first pregnancy, but I did end up walking more with my second (I couldn’t run because of placental issues). You’re right about that ligament pain; it can be a killer. I’m trying to work through the worst of the nausea right now (almost 11 weeks) and walking to make up for the miles I haven’t run lately. I *almost* popped in a Jillian Michaels DVD last night. Almost. 🙂


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